Terror and The War Against Terror: The Convert Phenomenon

In July, Germany's interior minister, Wolfgang Shaüble, shocked everybody by stating that his country should consider the targeted assassination of suspected terrorists (that's what I call the Israelisation of western society). He had just met in a convivial way with Michael Chertoff, the US secretary of Homeland security, and felt that he was ready for the mission Chertoff seems to have suggested to him, protecting Germany from imminent terror attacks...

Then in August, Shaüble made headlines again when he suggested that his country might spy on the computers of anyone whom it suspects being involved in terror.

Germans were voicing opposition to such measures when terrorists struck home, just as Chertoff predicted, or were going to strike but were prevented from doing so. More deadly than Madrid and London as it seems... Terrorists in this case, as in every failed attempt since 9/11, were converts ! Labeled Homegrown terrorists, not to be confounded with immigrants which are a far more dangerous breed !

There is one interesting aspect to the phenomenon of converts in terror plots; these are interface people and can be easily manipulated by both sides. They can be manipulated by radical islamists. But they can also be easily manipulated by others who want to prove that Islam is a radical religion. The convert phenomenon is an interesting one and is surely one to understand and follow closely in my opinion because it proves in the first place that true Muslims cannot be easily radicalised and that only newcomers, those who don't understand the religion, are vulnerable to radicalisation. And many people, on both sides, have interest in radicalising 'Muslims'.

Read here the profiles for the Muslim converts of the 2006 transatlantic flight bomb plot between London and the USA.

Read here about the converts of the 2006 failed Toronto plot.

Read the following interview with terror expert Edwin Bakker on the convert phenomenon.

"SPIEGEL ONLINE: In your research, you've pointed out a growing participation of converts in terrorist acts -- so-called homegrown terrorists. Two of the three suspects arrested in Germany on Tuesday are such converts. Where do they enter the equation?

Bakker: In general, whatever their belief, converts are over-achievers; they're overcompensating for the fact that they did not see the light before. So, they tend also to be more susceptible to radical ideas, whether political or religious.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Have you found that there is a trend of people converting directly to Islamism or even jihadism?

Bakker: Yes. If you're not born and raised in a Muslim family where, for instance, your uncle was a scholar or you had contacts with the imam, you only know the basics. You have no critical questions because you don't really have an understanding of Islam. Anyone with a beard and a strong voice and certain symbols can look very convincing. So, with converts and sometimes with people whose parents are not very religions, they are more easily caught by these radical ideas. There's another element, too: a lot of them get their information from the Internet. But if you look at the Islamic literature available on the Internet -- in German or Dutch or Danish -- it's radicals who do all the translation. It's unbelievable."


Naj said...

This reminds me of the Little Mosque on the Prairie!

There was this guy, who had converted to Islam, and was more fanatic than mullah Omar, the bearded zealot!

The convert, was so disgusted by teh Muslims lack of radicalism that he converted to Christianity! :))

Sophia said...

Naj, I realise I am missing something by not watching TV.

Naj said...

I know you don't watch TV. I think this is one of the cutest CBC productions in years :)

an average patriot said...

That was good and you're not missing anything. Most of the world is though. I am sick of seeing Bin Laden and terrorism crop up just in time to help the neocons and then they take more rights from the masses.
Everything that is happening today is very obvious and getting more frightening by the moment and we are more powerless than with the Nazi's because we are totally controlled and the problem is the controller, Bushco. This will all get much worse and soon.

an average patriot said...

Just wanted to make sure you got my reply and I want to look around a bit. By the way, I am glad she did but naj told me it was important to check you out.
anyway here you go!
an average patriot said...
I thank you! You are the first one I have encountered that has it right. Bush must create disorder before he can replace it with his new order. He is dong it in the US,the middle east, and around the world.
He is following what I know as the Russian Doctrine of Destruction. You can find it on my main page under Bush Uncovered if you want to read it.
I wrote it 3 years ago but it is more obvious every day. If you read it I would be interested in your opinion.
I have also written a manifesto to thw world that is undeniable and shows how all this will end and it is not good. If you have an E I will send it to you. I just switched to verizon and the pictures no longer show but they should for you.

an average patriot said...

I just added you to my favorites so I can keep up with you writing. I have a lot of catching up right now but you will be seeingg me. How often do you write?

Sophia said...

Average patriot,

Thanks. I should reciprocate. I think more blogs like yours and more political writings like yours should be on the US blogosphere.
I try to write at least one analysis per week, usually around Monday or Tuesday, sometimes it comes earlier if my week end is not busy. The rest consists of just links and short commentaries.
Sometimes, I don't write, either because I am busy or discouraged by the news. Yes, sometimes the news really put me down...

A bientôt

an average patriot said...

Great Sophia I will watch you. I write every day and based on what is going to happen in the middle est, Bush's latest plans, and input from you, naj, Amre, and others I just wrote a story I would really like your opinion on.
Don't get discouraged! Just curious, what does A bientôt mean?

Sophia said...

Average Patriot,

'A bientôt' is a French expression used when we part with someone and going to meet soon again. It means 'see you later' or 'See you soon', but, contrary to the English expression, it is often used at the end of a written short message.

an average patriot said...

Very Good! 'A bientôt'

an average patriot said...

I was just cleaning out some files and I thought I would check in and see if you had anything new so I will take the opportunity to say Hi, A bientôt

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