Israel working to prevent any viability for a future Palestinian state

Much has been said about Israel's right to exist. Nothing has been said about Israel's right to co-exist either with a Palestinian state or in a binational state with Palestinians. In other words, while Israel is enjoying the status of an internationally recognized state built on a stolen land, nobody is preoccupied with the future of the Palestinians who live as refugees or prisoners in an apartheid like pieces in what remains of their land.

Two recent reports highlight the uncertainty, if not the impossibility, of a future Palestinian state, following facts created on the ground by the state of Israel which accelerated since 2000; the settlements in the west bank cutting Palestinian villages and communities from each other, and sometimes villagers form their own orchards, and the network of roads reserved only for the Israelis. Now that the international community is showing, a bit late, some worry about the continuity of the west bank itself which became totally compliant and dependant on Israel (let's not mention the continuity between the West Bank and Gaza and what to make of Gaza ?), and therefore the viability of a future Palestinian state, Israel, following the Sharon doctrine of 'continuity through transportation', is planning some future roads for those compliant Palestinians. The future viability of a Palestinian state will depend for example in some cases on a 16 meters road between Betlehem and Ramallah, controlled by Israel...

French philosopher Régis Debray who went on an official mission to Israel and Palestine lately wrote a pessimistic report about the viability of a future Palestinian state to the French government. You can find excerpts from his report in the August French edition of Le Monde Diplomatique: "Palestine, a policy of deliberate blindness or how the world backed itself into a corner." Debray sometimes resort to irony and sarcasm to describe the state of neglect and the contempt in which the prospects for peace and existence for Palestine and the Palestinians are held by the international community and Israel.

The main question therefore is not Israel's right to exist, not even Israel's right to co-exist, because obviously Israel decided not to coexist. The main question is: what does Israel intend to make of the Palestinians ?

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