Sarkozy: Going Ugly Early

"Sarkozy had promised to expel 25,000 illegal immigrants from France by the end of 2007. But Hortefeux, who is head of the newly created Ministry of Immigration and National Identity, is struggling to meet the target, with only 11,000 having been shown the door in the first seven months of the year. "I want numbers!" Sarkozy told the minister in a meeting last month, according to Le Point magazine. "It's a campaign commitment. The French are expecting this from me," he was reported as saying.
...Tensions have also been raised after a parliamentary commission on Wednesday approved introducing DNA tests for family members of immigrants already in France. The measure will now be included in a sweeping immigration law to be debated by parliament next week, aimed at toughening visa requirements. "No subject should be taboo," Hortefeux told reporters on Thursday."

Sarkozy is the son of Hungarians who emigrated to France after the end of WWII. And his wife boasts about not having one drop of French blood in her veins. May be she should pass the test, who knows ?

Geneticians and former members of the national council for Bioethics on France's emerging infamy.

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Jami said...

A DNA test will show where you originated from. My DNA test shows that my ancestors migrated from N. Africa, Mongolia and Iceland. It doesn't show that I have a Choctaw, Irish mother - nor a German, French father. A DNA test for determination to immigrate is ludricous. This is a numbers game and one that will be lost. We are caretakers of this earth, albeit lousy ones but still - we do not own it we do not control it, we merely dwell on the top 6"...France is heading down a slippery slope if they continue in this line of thought.

Sophia said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting. It is very much appreciated to elave here your expertise. I agree with you. There are some things a DNA test will not show. And France's ministry of immigration might show what it intends to look at in a DNA test precisely.
Although, I understand these tests are expansive and the French taxpayer will be paying for them. Wouldn't it be easier if they used this money for the sake of integration rather than exclusion ?

Larry said...

This sounds like something Bush would do to eliminate those in this country he wishes didn't exist.

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