Yesterday's Federal Byelection in Outremont, Canada

I was away from the internet and from this blog for the last two days. Below is a link to what was my first political concern over the weekend and up until monday.
Canada's federal byelections.
Analysis by a grassroot activist who was on site during the last two weeks of the campaign. Bumpy road ahead for the Canadian liberals, their leadership, and Canada as we know it.


N. said...

How long are we going to be stuck with liberals because they are the only viable alternative to the demonic conservatives? :)

I voted in advance poll as I am oput of the country, but NDP's win was the greatest event of my whole week!

If some of the BQ and the NDP form a coalition, I don't see why we would need the semi-right liberals and the conservatives at all.

Sophia said...

The bloc will never ever form a coalition with the NDP. I see the bloc as more conservative than the federal conservatives. They were the big loosers of yesterday,s elections. The federal conservatives are on the rise in Quebec and I expect troubles for the bloc. I like Mulcair but I don't like Layton's leadership...
In the present context, the NDP will have, either to form a colaition with the liberals or make arrangements with the governing party. Layton is never going to take the first option and I don't like the second because it turns the party into a power house at the service of others. Layton gave a lifeline to Harper's new government when it was time to vote for the renewal of the Canadian army in Afghanistan, on line with the second strategy.

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