Carnival of Hypocrisy

The Dalai Lama was honored today by the US congress in the presence of George Bush who lended him his arm to walk him before the congress.

All eyes are truned on Beijing who, it is said, is furious at the US giving this honor and credibility to the exiled political and spiritual leader of Tibetans.

I say, the Chinese must not be upset. For it is the Dalai Lama who is lending credibility to the man who destructed Iraq, killed nearly a million of its civilians, many of them children, and displaced another four million making them refugees in their own country, and put its population in a state of famine.

Oh yeh, the Chinese must not be upset because the Dalai Lama, a man fighting for the right of his people to get some political autonomy from an occupier, was honored by Elie Wiesel, the man who refuses, not only a political autonomy for the Palestinians opressed and occupied by Israel, but the very existence of the Palestinian people alltogether.

And during this carnival of hypocrisy, even the house speaker Nancy Pelosi's genuine wish that the Dalai Lama's visit bring peace to the congress, sounded unauthentic. For the man who is supposed to bring peace is helping Bush's diplomatic war at China and Wiesel's and the zionists' pathetic search for respectability.


Naj said...

Dalai Lama ... the little poster boy!

Don't you find things have turned funny in the world!

Sophia said...


Funny and grotestque one might say.

Anonymous said...

Freedom to slavery...

Westerners know little about Tibet's history. When Dalai left Tibet half a century ago, more than 95% of Tibetans were SLAVES (just like the American slaves before the civil war) belonging to a few thousand monks and nobles. After educated by the west for half century, the largest slave master now becomes the symbol of peace and freedom. Mission impossible accomplished!

Elizabeth said...

Interesting take on this, I hadn't stopped to think about how this is again about Bush's belligerence and not about the Tibetans..

Wolfie said...

Bizarre indeed. I don't know what to make of it all.

"anonymous" : Having visited Tibet myself ten years ago I don’t agree with your simplistic assessment of the structure of Tibetan society. When a whole country is quite poor ownership of land, when administrated fairly is a bit of an irrelevance.

Where do you get these trolls from Sophia? I want one to play with!

Sophia said...


You know my usual trolls. Most of the time they are blocked unless they write somthing funny.

This one I wasn't able to track it. But if you want to play with I will be more than happy. I know nothing about Tibet.

Anonymous said...

You dont mention that while honouring the Dalai Lama, despite Chinese protests, and calling Darfur a genocide, the administration is doing its utmost to prevent House Resolution 106, commemorating the Armenian Genocide, from being put to a vote, in order not to anger its ally Turkey.


Anonymous said...

do you know more than the Dalai Lama? He chose to meet with President Bush. Are you saying the Dalia Lama is wrong?

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