Formalizing Apartheid packaged as peace initiative

"Political maneuvers can be spun to sound good if the details are kept vague, but when held to scrutiny it becomes obvious that the upcoming Israeli offer is not so generous. Like the Oslo Accords and the "disengagement" from Gaza, the peace process being cooked now is a move to consolidate Israeli control of all of historic Palestine while taking a large portion of the Palestinian population off Israel's hands. The devil is in the details that follow."


erdla said...

Sophia this is completely off-topic to this posting but I know you regard Ayaan Hirsi Ali as more than a little intellectually dishonest. I thought you'd be interested to read this:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali proves that even stupidity is dangerous

from ‘Aqoul (a site that frequently annoys me but always makes me think.)

In another posting the author points to this Financial Times series Muslims in Europe which also provides some interesting material.

Hope you're well.

Erdla & Du

Sophia said...

Thanks Erdla.

I am certainly interested to read these articles.

Thanks also for visiting. It is an honor to have you here you and Du, given that you might have much less time than the rest of us to browse the blogosphere.

Keep well.

erdla said...

Yours is one of the site we visit regularly - we have you in our feed readers so whenever you post something new we know to come over and take a look even if we don't comment very often.

Kel said...

Excellent article.

Richard said...

Sophia, I don't have a cite/link to hand right now but even Blair has already seen for himself how bad things are. Privately, he's said he had no idea but of course, whore that he is, he needs that job and the associated regular cheques -- till he finds someone else who'll 'buy' him for a higher price.

Sophia said...

Kel, Richard,

The core of Israeli policies in the territories is based on creating facts on the ground, like the settlements, like the wall, like the illegal appropriation by Israel of east Jerusalem, like the right to the land and the refugees question as well as and the right of Palestinian citizens of double citizenship to travel freely in palestine and to settle in it.

These facts on the ground are always way ahead of any peace initiative, are contrary to all UN resolutions, and are designed by israel in a climate of hostility to prevent the birth of an independant or autonomous Palestinian state, since the beginning, and since the UN resolution officialising the partition of Palestine.

Any peace process, in order to be implemented, has to confront these facts on the ground, created by Israel and adress them. The Oslo process did not address them and neither any of the peace initiatives that followed. Anything that does not adress these fundamental questions related to teh territorial continuity of the Palestinian state and the rights of iots citizens (human rights) is a scam.

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