Foiling Terror Plots: It Is Either Minority Report Or Conspiracy

And of course, none of the above is democratically acceptable in a free open society.

Despite all the talk and wars on Terror, can somebody tell me how many terrorists have been publicly tried up to now ? That's a legitimate question since we, citizens, are spending our tax money on these wars on terror, and we are renouncing our fundamental freedoms and rights because of the whole WOT business.

When reading the latest terror report from Germany, I stumbled upon a text full of hypothetical terms to describe the latest raid of the German police on the alleged perpetrators. So, with particular attention to the highlighted text in what follows, I was struck by the higly hypothetical feature of the plot. I also realised that this highly hypothetical feature was present in all foiled terror plots since 9/11. Indeed, most terror plots since 9/11 have the following in common:

- They are at the stage of 'possible' intentions;
- They are foiled even before reaching the stage of active planning;
- They are 'creative', at least in the minds of those who discover them;
- They are full of western converts to Islam, and most often alleged ex Mossad agents Jews who converted to Islam. These converts appear to be more and more playing the role of the psychics pre-cogs in Minority Report;
- Once they are publicized, they disappear from the public eye and we don't know what happens to their possible perpetrators;
- And every demand for a public and open investigation about these terror operations is either ignored by our governments, or staged, or treated with contempt via a media campaign aimed at labelling those who ask for the Truth as conspiracy theorists.

Now enjoy the reading:

"Three terror suspects have been arrested in Germany. They are thought to have been plotting bomb attacks on Frankfurt Airport and the US military base at Ramstein.
The US air base at Ramstein was one of the possible targets of the three suspects.
Three Islamist terror suspects have been arrested in Germany, under suspicion of plotting bomb attacks on Frankfurt Airport and the US military air base at Ramstein.

The three men were arrested in Medebach-Oberschledorn in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday afternoon. Around 20 police were involved in the arrests, and there are reports that shots were fired. According to the Associated Press, the three men were staying in a vacation apartment. Local newspaper Hessische-Niedersächsische Allgemeine reported that police from Germany's elite GSG-9 unit had stormed the flat. Raids also later took place in other federal states, according to media reports.

According to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, the three men were Daniel S. from the state of Saarland and Fritz G. from Neu-Ulm in Bavaria, both of whom are German converts to Islam, as well as Adem Y., who is believed to be from Turkey. The three, who had apparently founded a terrorist cell, have been under intensive investigation for several months. All three men were considered radical Islamists and had contact with Islamist groups in Germany and Pakistan.

The investigators spontaneously made the arrests on Tuesday afternoon after the men were observed moving chemicals that could be used to make bombs from one storage location to another. Police believe that the men wanted to experiment in the coming days and weeks with the chemicals and possibly start building a bomb. They were, however, far away from making a bomb that could be detonated.

The choice of targets was also not yet fixed. As well as Frankfurt Airport and Ramstein Air Base, the men had apparently also discussed other locations, such as a nightclub. The preparations for the attacks were, however, at an early stage.
The group was treated very seriously by German investigators right from the beginning. US authorities were also informed about the threat and raised the security level at their facilities as a result.

A spokesman for the Office of the Federal Prosecutor confirmed the arrests to SPIEGEL ONLINE early Wednesday morning. Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung also confirmed the arrests in remarks to the German broadcaster ARD. "There was an immediate threat," he said, without going into details.

The suspects are due to appear before the Federal Court of Justice later on Wednesday."

And of course we will know very little what will happen after next wednesday.


Naj said...

Aphenomenal Universes is the name of the project on which Nikogda Nichevo collaborated.

Sophia said...


It seems really interesting. I will be exploring this site. Thanks

PoliShifter said...

There is a reason the U.S. will NEVER really, pursue terrorists and stop terror and that is because now the U.S. government uses fear primarily to control its population.

If Bush were to actually catch Bin Laden, break up Al Qaeda, cactch, prosecute, and jail convicted terorrists, then the terror threat would be reduced.

With the terror threat reduced there would be no rationale for staying in Iraq , spending $700 Billion a year on the military, and suspending basic human rights.

We're in a situation now in the U.S. where the Bush Administration uses and need terror to further its own agenda which is the curtailing of a free society, a shift back to a war time economy, and a plundering of our treasury allowing the War Profiteers to rob us blind.

Naj tipped me off to your site.

Sophia said...


You are most welcome here. Your reading of the terror dynamic is 100% true. Thanks to Bush and Bin Laden, terror business is thriving and through the most vile propaganda since the Nazi era, thanks to our media owned by big money.

I think of we start just shutting down our tv screens and stop reading mainstream news we can contemplate a brighter future for us, citizens, and a bitter one for Politicians like Bush and Co....

Naj said...

I have cross posted this on ThanXGiving occasion :)

Ted said...

The Bush administration needs to maintain the fear in order to keep the American people from seeing what is really going on in the country. The "war on terror" will never end until the American people wake up and hold their elected officals accountable for their actions. The killing will continue.

Israel will NEVER be held accountable for their actions. and as long as they continue to have VETO power in the UN/SC. The US will never allow anything against Israel to pass.

Who is IP 68.175.122?

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4238

Sophia said...


Thanks for the cross posting.

Thanks for the comment. In line with what you wrote I think that one of the purposes of the WOT is to advance a very anti-people and pro big money domestic agenda. During his tow terms, what would have Bush done to his country ? Nothing, not even one little thing in terms of security, the number one issue he boasts about on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

when you saw attempted plots are "full of Jews" don't you mean Zionists or Neocons? I know you like to use code words like Neocons to cover up Arab anti-Jewish views.

Sophia said...

Anonymous, I used the word 'Jew' because I was referring to a religion. One converts from one religion to another.

Zionism and neoconisms are not religions in the strict sense.

Anonymous said...

You claim these aborted plots are full of Jews, but you can only point to 1 plot with 1 sick ex-Jew. Maybe you are exaggerating when you say "full of Jews" etc? it makes you look antisemitic.

jesus said...

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