Shattered Lives In Lebanon

From UrShalim
-The story of Ayn-El-Hayat, a young German Lebanese woman.
-The story of Charles Chikhani.
Both saw their future in Lebanon. Both were killed in the last bombing in lebanon .

Then six year old Ali, who did not even have time to see a future for himself, he was still at the joyful age of play. Ali was killed by an Israeli bomblet left from the 2006 July Israeli agression on Lebanon.
Please read the comment section to Ali's story on UrShalim's and read the logic of the anonymous who posted there. Lebanese blogs are a primary target for cyberzionists. They are obsessed with Lebanese who are the only ones to defeat Israel twice...


Anonymous said...

This is so very sad. I saw the little boy on As'ad AbuKhalil's blog. I think As'ad said it all.

I dropped by also to alert you to this post. Jeb is a very interesting blogger. His area of study is foreign policy and I've been following his blogs for some time now. As I told him once, I believe he represents the next generation of Americans who will look upon the world not as their oyster but as a place that they have to share with others and as such will need to make compromises and what they might consider sacrifices. I don't always agree with his take and I tell him so. I find that he is very open to new ideas and perspectives. Personally I think that he'll go far. He's connected to the right crowd and not least, he is very pleasant in manners. His blog is aggregated at Vast Left Wing Conspiracy as is my other blog(The Cylinder). You might want to join too. No pressure though.

Anyway, that's all for now.

P.S. I've checked the comments at the blog you linked to. Quite depressing!

Naj said...

off topic, but you may like it:

especially this:
Or let us imagine that Bollinger had invited the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to speak at Columbia University and had described him in the following vein: "Mr Prime Minister! You are a petty and cruel war criminal. Last year you launched a barbaric and devastating attack on your defenceless neighbour Lebanon – the fourth such invasion – and killed and wounded thousands of innocent Lebanese men, women and children. You demolished people's homes and apartments on top of their inhabitants. You indiscriminately bombed bridges, power stations, factories, mosques, churches and airports. On the last two days of your illegal invasion you scattered nearly three million cluster bombs over farms and residential areas in southern Lebanon, which is a war crime, and these kill and maim a large number of Lebanese people, especially children, each day. You have created a concentration camp for 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, who had been driven from their homes by you and by your predecessors, and you attack them from air, land and sea. In the past year alone, you have killed hundreds of Palestinians, including their elected representatives. You prevent anyone from getting in or out. You have even threatened to cut off all essential services to them. According to UN figures, some 80 per cent of the population is now living in absolute misery and poverty as the result of your actions. You continue to occupy Palestinian lands and build more illegal settlements on stolen land. Your government has secretly amassed a large arsenal of nuclear bombs in contravention of international laws, and yet you advocate war on a country that only wishes to have access to nuclear technology under the IAEA supervision. Will you cease this outrage?"

Sophia said...


I will check VLWC. Can I ask why you have two blogs ? Just surious, I see many bloggers doing the same while I have difficulty maintaining one. Is there any advantage to it ?

Anonymous said...

One or two (or more blogs)? I think it is a personal decision that depends on the purpose/mission of one's blogging & on the content itself.

To be sure, were I to blog like you do, i.e. presenting well researched pieces (which is one reason why your blog is so interesting), I would not be able to carry more than one blog. But, as I told one blogger on my site, I consider myself a "collector with an agenda," and that goes for both of my blogs. For my own personal needs and as a means to disseminate to whomever is interested to read them, I 'collect' news & information, opinions & insights from places that fit those agenda. So much for content.

As for purpose, my two blogs have different ones in that The Cylinder (my very first blog - I wasn't planning on having two) deals with general socio-political issues with a particular interest in geopolitical strategies, whereas Filasteen is a journey that started suddenly in Summer 2006. As noted in its tag, it is 'my personal struggle' against coercion into supporting the Occupation of Palestine. Contents relate mainly to that region. That particular piece BTW is not very well written (I'm not that good a writer), the arguments are sometimes puerile & naive, but I hope that I have been able to convey my "existential nausea" at being forced to be a part of the barbarity that goes on there. This Palestine-related blog is also not listed on the same aggregators as my other blog. Hence they reach two very different audiences. Sometimes, when I feel that a particular piece would be of interest to both audiences, I will cross-post. That's about it.

Perhaps that's more than what you were enquiring about, Sophia. Thanks for reading all the same. Cheers!

Sophia said...


Thanks for the response. It was just what I expected. I left a comment on your blog. I think you manage well to meet the objectives of your blogs and I will be linking to the cylinder.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sophia! I'm going to watch that Darfur video you sent me now. I had heard something about Israel's role there but have not been following that region for lack of time, not lack of interest.

Sudan is next, it would seem.

Sophia said...


The link I left on your blog is about the palestinian refugees 'Sands of Sorrow'. It was used as a title for the Darfur refugee as 'Sand and Sorrow'. I think this use was intentional and meant to confuse the researcher and the viewer looking for the documentary about the Palestinian refugees.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I finally figured that out. I was a bit confused at the beginning.

Sophia said...

That's exactly the goal of those who used approximately the same title. This is really manipulation. Distorting another people's message by using their own terminology in another context.

Since March 29th 2006