'Just Give Us the Money'

Holocaust Groups Demand More Compensation from Germany.

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Wolfie said...

Strange, I recall reading only a few years ago that billions of Euros in compensation was languishing in Swiss bank accounts while the administrators drew generous salaries.

Sophia said...


I recall the same thing but never ever a German newspaper will be allowed, or will allow itself to report this fact without international opprobrium. Only Haaretz and Israeli journals can. I have a link from Haaretz, 2006, on the subject.

And Norm Finkelstein has reported extensively on this, his mother was a holocaust survivor.

Anonymous said...

it is very sad that after all these years, some survivors are still living in poverty. The German reparations only benefited victims directly injured by the Germans. For example, when Hitler and Stalin pacted to divide Poland, many Jews had to leave their villages to escape to the Russian side (for fear of Germans). These Jews could not get German reparation money, although Germany instigated the pact.

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