Cartoon by Steve Bell (my preferred cartoonist)
"Nicolas Sarkozy may fast make a name for himself on the world stage. Just not the one he wants
Six months in office, and Nicolas Sarkozy has not ceased being an embarrassment on the world stage. From his first appearance at the G8 summit in Germany, where he foolishly called for more delay on Kosovo - a move that courtesy forced his new partners to support - to his fawning visit to Washington this week, France's president is making waves for the wrong reasons. Headstrong and unreflective, Sarkozy risks making an ass of himself."


Ted said...

He really is kissing up to Bush. I wonder what he wants.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4296

Anonymous said...

Sarkosy and now Merkel are kissing up to Bush because the Europeans are suffering greatly from America's exchange wars. The precipitous drop in the value of the US dollar threatens Europe the most and they are losing manufacturing jobs at a furious pace. That is the real purpose of their visits. Any mention of that will cause further turmoil in their capital markets.

Bush is unable to raise interest rates at this time because of the subprime or real estate crisis and a lower dollar gives the US huge trading advantages against European products. There is an exchange war in progress.

On the political level France is trying to secure itself a junior role in America's imperial project for "the New American Century"

They are at his mercy and it shows. It is still to early to bet against the Americans.


Sophia said...


I am surprised how much money and the crumbling global economy are actually behind these wars. However one thing puzzles me: if western crumbling economies can benefit from these wars, what about the cost of war ?
I think the answer lies in the distribution of wealth. Saving the cost of war will only help local economies, the poor and the middle class. Spending on wars, on the other hand, will take from the previous and give to global corporations and the rich, those who know no boundaries and are at the top of the pyramid.

Anonymous said...

War and armaments production is a huge business and the US is still the leading weapons producer. The rich have always benifited and the poor always pay disproportionately.

However, because of its debt, the lack of the draft and its over 750 worldwide bases, the US has to limit its military adventures.

Without Gov't support there are hardly any profits building schools and low income housing.

The global economy is booming compared to the developed economies.China is trying to cool its 12% growth and India has been booming at about the same rate for over a decade. What the US has done by letting the dollar go into freefall is to export unemployment and give a boost to its manufacturing sector.

Canada will be gravely affected by the new exchange rate unless the Central Bank goes back to its focus on exchange rates rather than the inflation rate.


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