Lebanon and The Puppeteers

Read carefully this interesting press review from Syria Comment on the deadlock in the Lebanese crisis to elect a president and tell me how many puppeteers can you count in these stories ?

The only sense we can make of such news is that Lebanese Politcians are puppets and seem happy with the fact, especially those of March 14th who let Bush and Sarkozy speak on their behalf. I have one objection however, the role of the puppeteer Syria is exaggerated by Sarkozy and Bush. That's to hide their own role as puppets masters.

I mean read the title at Syria Comment: 'Bush, Sarkozy, and Mualem face off'. That's hilarious because to make sense of this you have either to inflate Mualem or to deflate Bush and Sarkozy. And Mouallem seems to be more than happy to play the game.

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dsl said...

ur bias is so obvious, is this why u leave out the Master puppeteers: the mullahs of tehran, the masters of hassan nsarallah and his theocratic thugs.

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