On the recently assassinated Lebanese general

Photo courtesy UrShalim

From the Lebanese blogosphere
'Does this look like a guy the "Syrian-Iranian axis" would try to kill?' Only if they want to shoot themselves in the foot.
And on François El-Hajj at UrShalim
Syria Comment: 'Anti-March 14th general assassinated'
FPW: 'When In Doubt, Blame Syria'

Amira Al Husseini at Global voices: 'Who killed François Hajj and why ?'
My post on the killing of François El-Hajj.

Oh and one last thing, even if it means for me not being able to return to Lebanon in the future, Samir Gea'gea shouldn't have been pardoned by the Lebanese parliament, including the Hezbollah and Aounist MPs, and let out from prison, for his crimes during the civil war, especially the crimes he committed eliminating any potentiel rival from the Christian camp. He is a very bad apple, among many in Lebanon, but probably the most dangerous and unprincipled one. The man used to claim that the virgin Mary speaks to him.

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annie said...

Any honcho who claims he speaks with God or his saints is not to be trusted.

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