The Imperial History of the ME in Ninety Seconds

Map generated by Maps of War.


Ted said...

Very interesting and nice. Thanks for the post. I will attempt to link to it from my blog.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4359

Naj said...

This is a wonderful animation!

Sophia said...

Ted, Naj,

Looking over and over at this map I found out what ties the US to Israel and vice versa. Israel is clearly serving as a geopgraphical starting point and an avant poste for colonial enterprises that start geographically far from the ME. Did you notice that all empires had managed goegraphical continuity with the ME, and started in Asia or around the meditterranean, except the American ? More far the starting point of the empire and more weaker the empire is, like the crusaders empire and the european empire. Did you notice that Israel was created on the ashes of the European empire in the ME ? And did you notice that the US is using Israel as a starting point for an imperial project in the ME and Israel is exactly playing to that ?

annie said...

Une bonne révision d'histoire; moi aussi je vais essayer de copier la carte. Mais toute animation déstabilise mon blog.
Si l'histoire se répète, ILS finiront par laisser la place aux suivants, hopefully à ceux qui vivaient là.

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