Israel will boycott the UN Durban conference on Racism

Israel will boycott the United Nations "Durban II" conference on human rights, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced yesterday in Jerusalem at the annual meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism.

The decision followed an assessment by the Foreign Ministry, and other Western governments, that it will be impossible to prevent the conference from turning into a festival of anti-Israeli attacks.
Well, in the eighties, even when Israel's actions weren't as much in total disregard of Human rights and the rule of law as today, the parallells between israel and the south African Apartheid state were already on everybody's mind.
Watch this satirical video (found on Jews Sans Frontières) from a British TV program and tell me if one can still watch such a video today without accusations of anti-semitism.

How could Israel accuse a conference on racism to be potentially a festival of anti-Israel criticism when the Israeli state itself is built on racism and exclusions ?
Haaretz tries hard to present Israel's position as mainstream by giving this title to the article 'Israel toes Western line, will boycott 'Durban II'. But there is not one name of a western country mentioned in the article. Haaretz is known and was debunked in this blog for its subtle tactics in misinformation.

UPDATE: February 27th, 2008. The attack on Durban II has already started, led by notorious zionists and Muslim bashers. Read the article below (in French).


Ted said...

Israel is one of the most Racist nations in the world but if anyone is anti Israel, they are bad.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4428

Ann said...

Speaks volumes, Sophia. Anything the zionist regime claims withers so obviously in the face of scrutiny. I find it interesting that the article mentions that Livni had considered Israel could try to influence the discussion "from within" but have withdrawn. The hasbara propaganda machine is also starting to founder outside the US and even within it. I am encouraged that this second Durban conference takes place this year especially and hope it draws attention to Israel's egregious actions.

Ann said...

I see Durban II is in 2009, not this year. In any case it is instructive to see Israeli regime officials squirming and trying to play the tired anti-semitism card. The conference "legitimizes hate, extremism and anti-Semitism": a case of classic projection if we ever saw one.

Sophia said...


Nice to have you here. I remember the last, and first actually, Durban conference. It caused quite a stirr for Israel. So simply they are not going to participate in the next one. And as I understand from reading Haaretaz, they are not toeing any western line, on the contrary, they are going to convince some western countries to do the same by smearing the conference, the countries participating and so on...traditional zionist tactics.

But they are fighting on all fronts and I get the impression that Zionism is living its last moments. It may take some time because the monster will fight all it can but it is doomed.

Sophia said...


A Jewish only, a Muslim only, a Christian only state is by definition a state that practices discrimination and racism against its religious minorities.

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