White House to receive convicted Lebanese war criminal

President George Bush
Sen. John Warner
Sen. James Webb
Rep. Thomas Davis

February 22, 2008
As of 1994, Geagea was tried and convicted for four crimes - only a small portion of his long list of war crimes that we have listed below for your reference. He was convicted for:
1. The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr. Rachid Karami
2. The assassination of a former leading figure in the Lebanese Forces militia, Elias Zayek
3. The assassination of Christian leader Dany Chamoun with his wife and two young children (ages 5 and 7)
4. The assassination attempt against Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of the Interior Michel Murr.
And may I add: The assassination of Suleiman Frangie's parents and siblings for which Gea'gea stands for suspicion as the principal planner ?

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