Michel Aoun and Hassan Nasrallah

Two Men. Two Generations. Two Destinies. One Vision for Lebanon.

On February 6th, Aoun And Nasrallah appeared on OTV. They answered questions and explained their Agreement of Mutual Understanding. The first of its kind, in a sectarian country like Lebanon, between two political leaders representing two communities. The agreement was signed two years ago. March 14th, on the contrary, ignoring the agreement, are calling for civil war.

Read the comment on the interview by Hanady Salman in Al Ahram weekly, republished on Tayyar's website (Michel Aoun movement's website).

Lebanese blogger Remarkz reports on the interview.

A Self portrait by Hassan Nasrallah (in French) on Alain Gresh's blog.

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tigermarks said...

And what, pray tell, has Aoun received in return for his acquiescing to HA's armed militia? I mean, besides promises by HA that in an armed conflict between Lebanese factions they will protect HIS Christians.

As for the "first time", I dispute that. Lebanese history is all about forging such common visions between sects that are mostly at odds in their overall vision. Thanks to Aoun, we now know that at least some of the sects have no vision at all.

Since March 29th 2006