Iran training Al-Qaida ?

Well, at least that's what hopeful US presidential candidate and republican nominee John McCain said. Some may see it as a gaffe. But weren't Saddam's links to 9/11, relationships with Al-Qaida, and WMDs also gaffes ? They were documented gaffes, broadcasted, doctored, spinned, and never really taken back as their consequences continue to spill misery over millions of Iraqis and threaten an entire region.
Some may think that lies, which the Iraq war gaffes really are, are different from gaffes. But I think that McCain, not having to bother with the whole complexe issue of ME countries the US invades and their ethnic mosaics, learned the only official mantra in US foreign policy; what one says about the country the US wants to wage war on and invade is what is important, not the facts, not the facts...

So who cares if Saddam didn't have any relationship with Al-Qaida or wasn't linked to 9/11, or Iraq didn't have any WMDs, or Iran is not actually training Al-Qaida but some other groups which can be seen actually as Al-Qaida ennemies ? The most important thing is to make a case for war by proxy, by arguing that the US is threatened on its soil. Al-Qaida and 9/11 have been so far the best proxy. The argument that Iran is a threat to Israel doesn't seem to be convincing so far, Israel is surely a proxy, but not as much as the twin towers, hence McCain's gaffe, lie, or slip of the tongue...

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