Cluster Bombs: One of Lebanon's many open wounds

Cluster Bombs: What are they ? An illustration taken mostly from Lebanon's wounded following the 2006 Israeli agression.

Cluster Bombs and the treaty to ban them.


Wolfie said...

Unfortunately this treaty appears to be a non-event thanks to the significant exemptions. I suppose its possible that in the future improvements can be brought through long-term entrenched diplomatic efforts but I'm a desperately cynical pessimist.

For years there has been a moratorium on the use of fissile material on the battlefield but yet we find Iraq littered with the remains of DU shells. I think efforts to avoid conflict altogether work out better in the long-run and moratoria are easily circumvented in practice.

Sophia said...


I am pessimistic like you concerning moratoria especially when it comes to weapons and arms. But still the move is symbolic...It says that the majority of countries cannot openly defend the use of these weapons and this can potentially marginalise the others...

Ted said...

The agreement means nothing if the two biggest warmongers, the U.S. and Israel, don't accept it.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4602

Since March 29th 2006