The Dispossessed

By Rami Khoury from the Daily Star: The Palestinian narrative is here to stay

Palestinians march to Israeli border to denounce 60 years of dispossession.

Seumas Milne: Expulsion and dispossession can't be cause for celebration.

Al-'Awda (The return) conference, Anaheim, California.

Let's not forget. All the mayhem in the ME and Lebanon is made to make us and make the world forget that Palestinians are still dispossessed.

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Ann said...

Hi Sophie,

I seem to remember recently browsing through a post here and reading in the comments that Nazek Hariri -- the late Rafiq Hariri's spouse -- is of Palestinian origin. Is my recall correct -- could you kindly confirm?

annie said...

This is OT but what a relief the Doha outcome.
I feel so happy not only for Lebanon but for the whole region.

Sophia said...

Hi Ann,

Absolutely yes, and confirmed by the best source on the Hariris, Angry Arab

Sophia said...


What a relief but I am afraid a temporary one. As long as there are other major problems in the region, Lebanon will stay vulnerable.

Ted said...

60 Years of Hell.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4566

Naj said...

ca va bien?

Sophia said...


Thanks for asking. Small time consuming annoyances are keeping me away from this blog and from other blogs. Hopefully everything will resume to normal soon...

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