"Israel has won the European cup: a special relationship"

This is a very interesting article I translated lately to French for InfoPalestine. It is my third translation for this online magazine about Palestine and the Middle East.

It scrutinizes the relation between Israel and the EU and demonstrates with facts that the relation is gearing towards a special one in which there is no accountability toward Israel from the EU while at the same time the official language of this body is at odds with the facts. Historically, Europe was globally seen as more neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but this is no longer true, the relations between the EU and Israel are becoming very much similar to those that exist between Israel and the US.

Rupel, who chaired the EU-Israel Association Council meeting, the body overseeing the relationship, stated that the EU and Israel are "elevating" their relations to a new level of "more intense, more fruitful, more influential cooperation." Israel has now been granted the highest level of relations available to a non-member state...Until now, under the EU's Neighborhood Policy Israel was the only country without a subcommittee on human rights.

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