Like Sarko, like son: Cartoons, Politics, and Satire in Sarkoland

The President's son – who oozes charm and confidence – became engaged this month to one of the wealthiest young women in France. His fiancée is Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, heiress to the family which owns the Darty electrical goods stores – the French equivalent of Currys. Mme Sebaoun-Darty is Jewish. Persistent media rumours – finally denounced yesterday as false – claimed that Jean Sarkozy intended to convert to Judaism before his marriage. On the basis of these rumours, a radical cartoonist-columnist in Charlie Hebdo suggested earlier this month that Jean Sarkozy was an opportunist who would "go far in life". The Sarkozy family and his fiancée's family threatened to sue the magazine for alleged anti-Semitism. The magazine's editor asked the veteran cartoonist, Siné to retract. He replied: "I would rather cut off my balls."
Remember, the magazine's editor was the one who vehemently defended the freedom of the press to publish the Danish cartoons and his magazine was one among the first to reproduce them.

In French:
Siné: La police de la pensée


Naj said...

Of course,

Joking about Jews is a great sin against divine, insulting muslims is a necessary political act that needs to be engaged in to show muslims their divinity sucks!

Sophia said...

Dear Naj,

If you are in Montreal we should absolutely go for a coffee. Call me or write an email.

Eve Siegel said...

Naj - Arab world has been joking about Jews in the most insulting ways for many years. You should read a newspaper and see the numerous cartoons that portray Jews in the most ugly way.

annie said...

As always, the deux poids deux mesures rule.
Siné, don't give up your balls ever, please.

Since March 29th 2006