Al-Qaida's hate propaganda: Disgusting

This organisation is a shame the Islamic world would have to bear for a long time. Their speech is full of manipulation, hate, and bigotry. And no, Islam and Muslims are not like this bunch. In fact, I think that Al-Qaida is responsible for the anti-Muslim wave across the western world, for Guantanamo, for Iraq, for Abu-Ghraib, and for what is happening to the peace process in Palestine, as much as Israel, zionists, the US, and the neo-cons are responsible for these 21st century moral stains.

I can't bear these cave dwelling mercenaries anymore, and I think it is justified that the news shut them out, they are a venom to Humanity.


Wolfie said...

What this does highlight Sophia is the quintessential racist nature of the organisation, its apologists and admirers. I have suspected this right from its rise to prominence in 2001, that the religious and political claims where nothing but a hollow diversion.

Take a look at the current UK trial of the inept [medical] terrorists and observe their startling similarities with the trials of white supremacists who have plotted to unleash violence.

Anonymous said...

There is no Al Qaeda it is a manufacture of the CIA. Isreali security carried out the 911 attacks, and by perpetrating the Zionist lie you are party to it. No excuse for ignorance anymore.

Eve Siegel said...

Sophia - why do you expect AlQuaida to be less racist than the Saudi government? In Saudi Arabia, churches are not allowed, and Muslims who convert to Christianity can be executed.

Gert said...

Hi Sophia,

Good of you to denounce these criminals, more Muslims should do that. I will, however, never forget the role the West in general has played in the perpetual misfortunes of the Arab/Muslim world in general and the catastrophe that befell (and continues to befall) the Palestinians in particular. So, let's denounce the terrornutz, yet without absolving the West of its own responsibility. Going by our last (and very recent) sortie (Iraq) it would appear we are not ready to learn yet. And going by Mr Bush's most recent speech, even less so...

One thing in your discourse however does trouble me. In this post e.g. you write:

"[...] much as Israel, zionists, the US, [...]"

Yet somewhat above you write:

"I am 100% for the existence of Israel [...]"

Why, if you do support the existence of the state of Israel (as do I, w/o of course condoning the barbarism it's imposing on the Palestinian people), does zionism still appear to be a swear word in your book?

Why not simply denounce racist Zionism, Apartheid creating Zionism, expansionist Zionism, revisionist Zionism or religious fundamentalist Zionism? Why zionism tout court? As a supporter of the existence of Israel I am a zionist but not in the sense of any of the aforementioned negative manifestations of the reasonable desire for the existence of a Jewish homeland.

By this lumping together (advertently or simply clumsily) you are committing the same error as those (again willfully or through naivety) who lump Islamist terror together with an entire, very large and innocent population group (Muslims worldwide).

Sophia said...

Thanks for your comment.

I use the word zionism because:
Zionism has not been able to be anything else but the kinds you cite.
It is by essence an expansionnist colonialist project for Jews. A good zionism is a zionism that negates itself as it is now when it becomes a reformed zionism accepting the one state solution and the concept that Israel can be a multireligious society in a secular state in the ME.
By definition hisorical and present day zionism is the most extreme form of colonialism, the total negation of the other.

Gert said...

Oh, the One State solution. There we will definitely have to agree to disagree: I just cannot see this happening at all. Israelis will always fear the 'demographic nightmare' which would almost certainly become a reality if a bi-national federation (or something along those lines) were to be implemented.

Anyway, stop by sometime...

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