The Obama presidency is starting to stink

Obviously, he will influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn't he? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to be mopping floors at the White House."

This is a quote from Barack Obama chief of staff's father talking to the Israeli daily Ma'ariv on his son's (Emmanuel Rahm) new role in the coming Obama administration.
In a letter sent to Rahm and copied to Obama, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee asked for an apology. And an apology came from Rahm son.
I think that Obama would have to prove to the Israel lobby that he is even more committed than the most committed of US politcians to Israel's cause, and he will prove what it is expected from him in that regard, and even more. Don't expect a black president who is just tolerated to be where he is to break the shameful lobbying that Israel and the zionists enjoy in Washington.

Important update 1 (november 19th): Reading the words that came out from the mouth of Rahm's father one may sense also that they contain an implicit contempt directed at Obama. My impression, and it can be wrong and overinterpreted, is that Rham's father had to convey to Ma'ariv the message that his son is even superior to Obama, first he is going to influence him - he didn't say for example that Obama is already all for Israel - and because of this his role will be even superior to Obama. However, not being able to say exactly this Rahm's father resorted to this 'Arab' smear, which became, as you remember one partisan of John McCain, an equivalent to 'negro', to replace something that could not be said in today's America: 'negro'. I bet that Rahm's father might even be jealous of Obama, why him and not his son ?
Obama will be surrounded by people who secretly think they are superior to him, starting with Rahm, at least the father, and continuing with Hillary who will be probably secretary of state. He will need them to lead. The black man will be surrounded by people from the establishment who, in my opinion, are even more racists than the average US citizen because they are defending a higher standard of privileges not open to African Americans before. I am not expecting any real change. And I will be watching Obama only to see how he will navigate through all this; racism at the higher levels of the state.

UPDATE 2 : These people are even more bigots. So if it won't be the 'Arab' who will mop the floor at the white house, 'negroes' may, according to Al-Qaida's number 2, Al-Zawahiri.


RandyMan said...

Sophia - you make too much of the ramblings of an old man. The statement was made by a relative of an official, not the official himself. The statements are tame compared to the Muslim leaders who regularly call Jews and Israelis pigs and apes. Can you disavow these statements?

Obama has a wide variety of friends, including many Palestinian advocates. Do you suggest that Obama not hire any Jews or Arabs?

Naj said...

I think that Rahm "apologized" is a good sign.

Ted said...

Yes it is starting to stink. I never liked Obama, I was a Nader person but Obama isn't bringing in any change. He is bringing in all the same old people...

Big supporters of Israel. Nothing will change...

Sick Sick Sick..

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RandyMan said...

ooooh Ted - why no facts to back up your feelings? Is the mere fact that Obama hired "Israeli supporters" mean his presidency will stink? This may be a surprise to you but most Americans support Israel's right to defend itself from terror. So who can Obama hire?

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