Israel under settlers violence

Israel deploys hundreds of riot police as tensions in Hebron escalate

Barak: Wave of unrest in Hebron liable to spill into other settlements

JEWISH WORLD / Obama must help Israel break its territorial addiction

UPDATE:Jewish Settlers shoot Palestinian man in Hebron


RandyMan said...

you are strangely silent on the attacks in Mumbai. The 4,000 Jews of Mumbai are terrified.

Wolfie said...

"Break its territorial addiction"? I sadly think not as its hard-wired into the religion to the point where its become a reason for living for many of these religious Jews. Even if all the Palestinians left tomorrow they would just turn their sights on Jordan and Syria next.

Sophia said...

It is ironic that what became the reason for living for many religious jews was actually set up by leftist secularist Jews.
The problem of Zionism is that it is an extreme form of colonialism in which there are no exist strategies: disengage (or retreat to country of origin, and Arabs are ready to recognize their country of origin within the frontier existing before the 1967 war) or make peace and live with one country.
The only similar colonialism I can think of here is European colonisation of America.

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