Will Bush Pardon Himself ?

If you have watched the documentary 'taxi to the dark side' you realise that there is very serious ground to incriminate high officials in the Bush administration including Cheney and Rumsfeld, and probably Bush himself.
Consequently, there is very serious ground for a pardon and it will be, as Martin kettle from The Guardian puts it, a lawless outcome to a lawless war.

UPDATE: Report finds Rumsfeld behind detainee abuse


Naj said...

Seems our little country's following in the footsteps of America's ex-dictators!

Sophia said...

Hi Naj,

So you're following the drama unfolding at parliament hill ? I always thought that Harper wanted to emulate Bush. I used to call him little Bush. But it's too late...Bad timing for him

Naj said...

Canadian politics are either boring; or FRUSTRATING! I have begun to tune out! Only if Dion was "not" the leader ... what a lost opportunity ...

Sophia said...

I heard On the CBC yesterday that liberal leadership contenders are starting to speak out against Dion. Well, the seven weeks given to Harper to poison the country may well turn to the liberals advantage if they succeed in replacing Dion.
My favourite is Rae.

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