News to the world: Gaza and Palestine need a new approach

This is a humanitarian crisis, but one that is deliberately imposed by political actors. It is the result of policies that have been imposed on the Palestinian people. Is it not time to look again at those policies and search for a new approach?


Eve Siegel said...

it's time for Palestinians to adopt the non-violent approach that worked so well for Ghandi, Mandela, and Martin Luther King. The question is, will the Iranians give them permission?

Eve Siegel said...

News to Hamas: shooting rockets into Israel is not working. You need to try the non-violent resistance favored by Nobel prize winners like Martin Luther King, Mandela and Ghandi.

Ted said...

I don't think anything will make Israel happy. Non violent, violent or what not.

All Israel wants is all of the land and the Palestinians gone.

Eve Siegel said...

Ted - then why did Israel withdraw from Gaza and destroy towns, if in fact it wants all the land? We should not be so quick to dismiss non violent resistance - I think it would be very successful tactic to bring Israelis over to the Palestinian side.

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