The Goal Of The War On Gaza: More Palestinian Refugees Outside Israel And More Wars

I read this information at the Angry Arab site: More than 200 tents are being set in the Egyptian town of Rafah. One possibility is that the war on Gaza is meant to push Gazans out. A symptom of this possibility is Tzipi Livini's recent visit to the US where she signed an anti-smuggling Gaza deal with the US. According to the terms of the deal, Israel would stop its offensive at the condition that Israeli troops would remain for an indefinite period of time in Gaza and that Israel would regain control of the Rafah crossing border. This agreement which is unhospitable to many Palestinians living in Gaza would make them leave the territory. In the coming weeks, months, and long after the official end of the Israeli offensive, a silent war will take place in Gaza in which the IOF* will make everything possible to push Palestinians out of their territory. There will be a new generation of Palestinian refugees. Palestinians have been living in refugee camps since 1948 without a state and without rights. Israel refuses that Palestinian refugees return to their homes and land.
If this is the goal of the war on Gaza, it is worrying. More than suffering, deprivation, and killings, creating a new generation of Palestinian refugees outside Israel is going to fuel anger in the Arab world giving us a new generation of young people willing to conduct suicide missions against Israel and its accomplices in the West. Gaza is becoming a laboratory for zionists where they experiment all forms of terror, including more elaborate ethnic cleanesing under the amicable watch of the international community, and the manufacturing of terrorists.
This is a very convenient situation for Israel that would permit the state of Israel to justify bombings and incursions in refugee camps outside Israel and at its 'frontiers', give excuses for more wars - as it did with Lebanon - indefinitely repel the chances for peace for which Israel must compromise and give back some land, and even gain some more land, feeding the territorial addiction of the zionist state and keeping its frontiers elastic and loose. Because, after all, if Israel is not able to achieve peace despite the divisions of Arab countries and the chronic weakness of Palestinian resistance movements, this is because Israel, a very young nation, is still unsure about its territory, and does not want peace, since peace means a fixed and internationally recognised frontier.
From the archives: From the moment it withdrew from Gaza in 2005 Israel wanted war.

IOF* Israeli Occupation Forces

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