UN chief demands investigation into Israeli attack on Gaza headquarters

A visibly furious Ban Ki-moon condemned as "outrageous, shocking and alarming" the destruction he had seen while touring Gaza...

Furious ? This was supposed to be the YES man for Israel and the US in the UN. To have made Ban Ki Moon furious is quite an achievement. But this does not surprise me coming from Israel. Israel is brute force, disregard for the weak, and the UN is weak. Combine brute force with disregard for the weak and you may get a feeling of what Palestinians are going through every day. The arrogance of this state has gone as far as accusing the Palestinians of their own misery in Gaza. ''You elected the wrong government, it is your fault'' says the official hasbara. And the official hasbara doesn't stop here. Palestinian children are starving in Gaza ? ''It is Hamas's fault, these people don't care about their children, they should give them food instead of sending rockets on Israel''. This line was heard yesterday on the BBC (homerun) by a certain Sara Saber-Freedman, from the Canada Israel committee. How can you answer such perverse accusations, denial of reality, lack of empathy, and outright lies ? You don't. You just switch off the radio...

You can watch Ban Ki Moon's reaction here.

300 Human Rights Organisations prepare to take Israel's War Crimes to World Court.

Israeli minister jokes about not being able to vacation in Amsterdam because of war crimes charges against Israel at the world court in the Hague.

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