A forceful indictment of a famous Neocon

By Middle east analyst and author Juan Cole.

And will this Neocon be able to bury Israel's war crimes in Gaza ? If "The road to Jerusalem more likely leads through Baghdad than the reverse... "*, it is probably for this only purpose, to bury under another crime the central one, the rape of Palestine.

* Martin Peretz wrote this in his New Republic in 2002. The complete quote is:
"The road to Jerusalem more likely leads through Baghdad than the reverse. Once the Palestinians see that the United States will no longer tolerate their hero Saddam Hussein, depressed though they may be, they may also come finally to grasp that Israel is here to stay and that accommodating to this reality is the one thing that can bring them the generous peace they require.''


Ted said...

I think that even if all Palestinians signed a statement of Israel's right to exist nothing would change. Israel will never let Palestinians live free in Israel or the occupied lands.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4916

Gert said...


A good German man, Hermann Dierke, is being castigated and excoriated in Germany for supporting the Palestinian cause.

You can show your support for Dierke, a life-long campaigner against racism, by signing a petition supporting Dierke.

Thank you.

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