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Anonymous said...

what do you make of Netanyahu's raising the issue of Israel's Jewish character? It seems reasonable to say "if there's a Palestinian state (which presumably will be Jew-free) can we at least say that Israel is a Jewish state?"

Sophia said...


Who told you that a Palestinian state will be Jew free ? I don't think that a palestinian state should be Jew free. people should be free to live and work and take citizenship wherever they want, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Palestinians seem to want Jews to leave the West Bank and Gaza. Even a town like Hebron, which had a jewish community for hundreds of years, is now referred to as a "settlement" that Jews should leave.

So if the Palestinian state is to be a Palestinian state, it seems reasonable to say Israel is a jewish state.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you that people should be able to take citizenship wherever they want. But why are the Palestinians still in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, and denied citizenship rights in those countries?

Steph said...

I don't think a 100% Palestinian state can "occur" and survive in peace. Some authorities want the conflict to subside. This is why this issue has been pending for years.


Anonymous said...

with the upcoming elections in Lebanon, do you think we should get ready for political assasinations? It seems to be the Hizbulla, Syria way to power.

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