Willful and deliberate ignorance is crime: Israel, illegal settlements, house demolitions, and the EU

A confidential EU report accuses the Israeli government of using settlement expansion, house demolitions, discriminatory housing policies and the West Bank barrier as a way of "actively pursuing the illegal annexation" of East Jerusalem.

Also, in The same issue of The Guardian: 'You don't have a house any more'

Watch here Rory McCarthy's reportage on house demolitions in east Jerusalem.

But the EU is not acting according to its confidential reports. On the contrary, it is awarding Israel with a special and privileged relationship. I don't know how you call a state or an official in their official duty, or a person, who knew that Jews were sent in extermination camps and choose to ignore it and not act on it ? But it seems that the western moral background to the Nuremberg trial doesn't exist anymore or otherwise some people are humans and others aren't, and that's why we are having double standards when it comes to the case of the Jews in WWII and the Palestinians of today, or even by today's international moral standards when it comes to Palestinian refugees and Sudanese refugees, accusing the Sudanese leader of War crimes and honoring Israel's leaders. The assumption behind this is that Palestinians aren't humans who deserve to be at the receiving end of our high moral standards.


Wolfie said...

More tail wagging the dog politics I presume.

Sophia said...

Excellent article, thank you. I like his criticism of Chomsky. I am growing irritated by the uncritical adulation of Chomsky. he is just another zionist, worse, a disappointed one.
Sometimes, I translate articles from English to french for Info-Palestine, an online magazine based in France. I think I am going to translate this one.

Wolfie said...

Our own Prime Minister was not the only politician who recently found time for other issues in the midst of important negotiations on saving the economy. I draw your attention to that final and disturbing paragraph.

Ted said...

I believe the world is afraid to do anything against Israel because of what happened by the Nazi's.

Now, if the situation was reversed and Palestine was occupying land's of Israel and building settlements, you can be sure the world would be in a uproar.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4895

Sophia said...


'Global outpouring of antisenmitism' ! ADL and A. Foxman always manage to reach a new high in the politics of self victimisation and fingerpointing at each event and declaration. They want a 'metric' for antisemitism on the blogosphere and I suggest a metric for ADL global manifestations of fingerpointing and self victimisation each time Israel is pounding Gaza and expanding settlements.
Brown is revealing himself no better than Blair.

Richard said...

What the world is witnessing right now is "The Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem".

Almost all of the so called civilised western world's politicians are completely ignoring it. In my book that makes them all accomplices. Not to mention, cowards.

Gert said...

Hi Sophia,

It's my understanding its not so much the house demolitions we should condemn as the complete inequality in how permits are issued to Jews and Arabs in E.J'sem. As long as natural growth of the Arab population of E.J'sem is stunted by selective permits favouring Jews, some Palestinians will build 'illegally' and Israelis will arrive with a piece of paper and some bulldozers.

There was a story of a Palestinian who chose to demolish is own home because it was cheaper than to have the Israelis do it (they charge a fee for the privilege, apparently!) Clearly Kafka isn't dead yet...

The only solution is a one state solution or Arab control of E.J'sem (in a two state solution).

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