Illegal evictions of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem

(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)
The eviction is illegal because it was decided by an court order from the occupying entity, Israel, and not by an international court, despite wide international international condemnation of such a practice by Israel. This is a land acquired by war and agressions...Israel does not abide by international law.

All Palestine was acquired by terrorism, war of agressions, and occupation, and Israel does not have the intention to stop this practice.

Nasser Ghawi, one of the evicted Palestinians, said his family had been living in the house for 53 years before the Israeli forces came and broke down the doors. Maher Hanoun, the head of the other evicted family, was out on the street along with Mr. Ghawi.

“I do not need a tent or rice,” Mr. Hanoun said. “What I need is to return to my house where I and my children were born.”

A total of 38 members of the Ghawi family were removed from six apartments that made up one of the houses. The Hanoun family numbers 17.

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