The New Israel Lobby

When Walt and Mearsheimer published the 'Israel lobby' and when subsequently talking about the lobby became mainstream and not even taboo as it used to be, I predicted that there will be a new Israel lobby. Here it is...

In October 2007 I wrote in one of my posts on the lobby:
There is no denying that Walt and Mearsheimer have become a reference on the lobby and at the same time a useful Watch chronicling the lobby.
There is no way out for the lobby because the more it surveys and smears Politicians and organisations for criticising Israel and the more it will confirm Walt and Mearsheimer's thesis. I think the process has attained a critical point. What will come after depends on the mindset of the few people who manage the lobby. Either they are pragmatic and the lobby will mutate into something else more respectable and more credible, at least on the surface, or they are not pragmatic, and this is likely to be the scheme, most of them being extreme ideologues greedy for what they want for Israel and sure to obtain it, and the lobby will push for more radicalisation of public opinions worldwide against Islam and Arabs, hoping to hide Israel's and the lobby's misdeeds.
It seems now that other friends of Israel from the American Jewish diaspora had taken upon them the task to a new way of Israeli lobbying in Washington: one that is comfortable with the critique of israel, at least to a certain extent. The critique of Israel in the US prompted by the publication of the W$M paper made this step absolutely necessary. The new Israel lobby was born in the same year the paper went out. That leads to question the motives of the New Israel Lobby. These people felt comfortable with what Israel was doing as long as the US public was silent. But when the taboo of criticising Israel was broken and when many in the US were convinced that the war in Iraq was the making of Israel's friends in the white house, they rushed to form the new lobby.
Change may be coming to the ME if this new lobby is to succeed but definitely not to US-Israel's relations. US policy in the ME will always be cooked by the lobby...
In a way or another, there will always be a lobby for Israel in Washington. In fact, the Israel lobby is the only one as powerful as the health and pharmaceutical industries and it operates exactly the same way, by financing and endorsing US elect or to be elect politicians. The new lobby is operating exactly the same way...

UPDATE: Morton Klein, the president of the zionist organisation of America, has statistics that prove that JStreet is far from being representative of US liberal Jews, which tend to prove my point that Jstreet will prove itself probably to be a smokescreen or just a superficial conversion of the Israel lobby in the US.


Elizabeth said...

I read the NYTimes article on "J Street" and I think that even if the organization might not be exactly what we want, it represents a step forward.

Sophia said...


It is definitely a step forward.

Anonymous said...

Any Israel lobby in the USA - old or new - is vastly over-rated. It is a phantom that Arab apologists blame whenever the intelligent people of the USA reject Palestinian terrorism.

Example: Gaza celebrates after US 9/11. Israel leaves Gaza and Hamas throws opposition off of buildings and shoots rockets to Israel. Hamas dresses and pays suicide bombers. Americans are disgusted and reject this. You blame the Jewish lobby.

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