Israel threatening the international community with war unless the Goldstone report is discarded by the UN

Zionists are quick to blame others for the lack of peace prospects in Palestine. They blamed Arabs, Palestinians, terrorists, the UN, and now they are blaming a 575 pages report for the UN on Israeli war crimes in Gaza. They wanted to bury it with the help of Mr. Nobel peace prize 09 and the collaboration of the illegitimate Mahmoud Abbas but they did not succeed. Palestinians were so angry with Abbas that he had to reverse his position in order to retain a semblance of legitimacy among his people.
Palestinians' thirst for justice can only be measured by the amount of injustice that was inflicted upon them by the zionist state and its acolytes. This time they are determined and hey want a clear condemnation from the international community of war crimes. A Jewish south african judge wrote a report for the UN on war crimes in Gaza with one concern, justice, not politics. But this is precisely what is infuriating Israel. Israel's attitude toward war and peace has become so extreme that it is alienating many in the Jewish diaspora and creating fracture lines. I can't wait to see these Israeli soldiers, commanders, politicians, judged for what they have done to the people of my region...And I don't care if Hamas has to be judged too. I have never been for any party, I am only for those who were dispossessed and are being daily oppressed by Zionists...
Israel says that if the case against it gains steam, the Jewish state will not be able to make the wide-ranging concessions necessary for any peace deal.
This is a bad argument since everybody can argue, based on the history of the Jewish state, the contrary: that Israel was never interested in peace. However, if Israel is genuinely determined to make peace, which comes with land concessions, so let them deliver first and then see what to make of the report.


annie said...

Incredible. They have never given up anything anyway. Their version of peace is unacceptable. The only language they understand is force. But as the bible says : he who lives by the sword will perish by the sword. The only sword we have is the boycott and they do not like it.

Anonymous said...

why do you mention the religion of the judge who wrote the report? strangely, you never mention the religion of other parties.

the reason is Goldstone is a tool of the UN thinking "let's get a Jew to condemn Israel and it will be especially damning!"

everyone knows that Hamas shoots rockets from civilian locations and into civilian locations. But this was not in the report, nor is Hamas' stated desire to kill as many Israelis as possible.

a one-sided report written by a South African jew desperate for UN approval.

Anonymous said...

Annie - did you say "they never given up anything"?

newsflash: Hamas controls Gaza (and is busy pushing opposition members off of roofs).

Anonymous said...

glad you mentioned the judge is Jewish! that is very relevant. what's your religion, by the way?

annie said...

The fact that is he is jewish is important in this case and on top of that a zionist ! So if he says israel committed war crimes you had better believe him.

Anonymous said...

Annie - you have perfectly stated the thinking behind hiring a Jew to write this report. "It must be true because a Jew incriminated other Jews!"

sadly, there have always been Jewish collaborators, seeking approval from anti-semites. This poor judge is the latest. Unlike Hamas, Israel does not push collaborators off of roofs.

annie said...

He was chosen foremost because he is a honnest and competent man. His being Jewish and a Zionist was a plus in the sense that he could not be suspected of being biaised against Israel. If this honnest man came to the painful (for him)conclusion that Israel had committed war crimes you had better believe him. He is no traitor, he is one of the too few Jews who redeem the good name of some others.

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