UN human rights council backs the Goldstone Report

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Goldstone's report accused both sides of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity and said there may even be individual criminal responsibility over the killing of civilians. Around 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died in the three-week war.Goldstone's recommendations were that the human rights council should endorse his findings and then pass his report to the UN security council, the general assembly and the prosecutor of the international criminal court. He said both Israel and Hamas should be given six months to conduct their own "appropriate investigations that are independent and in conformity with international standards". If either side failed to investigate properly, he said, the security council should pass the case on to the prosecutor of the international criminal court.

From NYT's Roger Cohen:The ordinary Israel


annie said...

A step in the right direction but looming in our "democratic" horizon is the US veto. Les dés sont pipés

Anonymous said...

UN is right. Hamas has the right to rain rockets on Israel without fear of disproportionate response!

Anonymous said...

add this to a long list of Anti-Israel measures. UN lost its credibility a long time ago when it said "Zionism" equals racism, but ignored all the Arab countries that kicked out Jews and Christians.

Ted said...

Israel has broken international law and committed crimes against humanity since it was formed.

I am shocked that the U.N. has gone as far as it has, but I am glad.

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