It is only a matter of time before an Israeli official is arrested abroad on charges of war crimes

Prosecutions of Israeli political and military figures remain likely despite the failure to obtain an arrest warrant for Ehud Barak, the defence minister, when he visited the UK earlier this month, he said. In the Barak case a magistrate accepted advice from the Foreign Office that the minister enjoyed state immunity and rejected an application made on behalf of several residents of the Gaza Strip.

"This needs to be tested at the right time and in the right place," Machover said. "One day one of these people will make a mistake and go to the wrong country and face a criminal process — and then it'll be a matter for the courts of that country to give them a fair trial: that's what the Palestinian victims want."


Anonymous said...

it is only a matter of time before all muslim leaders are required to denounce suicide bombing, instead of encouraging it.

Anonymous said...

it is only a matter of time before the Palestinian majority in Jordan is so large that Jordan will be recognized as the largest of three Palestinian states. (#2 is Fatah in Judea & Samaria and #3 is Hamas-Gazastan.)

Anonymous said...

only a matter of time until people forget the Goldstone report. It's one of thousands of Anti-semitic reports, all overlooking Hamas rockets. Only difference is Goldstone report is written by a Jew, so Sophia can get all excited.

Sophia, during Holocaust there were jews who were forced to collaborate with nazis. But that does not mean these Jews were Nazis.

In Israel, Jews are forced to defend against rocket attacks, kidnappings and suicide bombers. But that does not make jewish soldiers the killers that Hamas is.

Anonymous said...

in most Arab countries, any Jew can be arrested for no reason (the crime of sending an email to Israel is called "espionage).

Anonymous said...

only a matter of time until another reader says that suicide bombing is a sign of Palestinian desperation and ignores the fact that in Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere, this is presently an Islamic-only phenomenon

Ted said...

I can't wait to see it happen, it will be a great day for all peace loving people.

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