Hamas learning propaganda war from Zionists

Personally, I did not like this video about Gilad shalit made by Hamas. But I have to admit that we have here a classical example of propaganda war.  Hamas wasn't good at this but they seem to be learning...


anniebannie said...

Sophia, I had problems with that video too. I hesitated but I did not put it on my blog. It is not good PR for Hamas and I found it cruel.

One thing for sure is that the others will enrage seeing it and it is a good thing that they feel rage for a change.

Sophia said...


The video is ambiguous in that it is sympathetic to Shalit's father who has been a great critic of Israel's false attempts to give him back his son.
But one has to be realistic, it is impossible not to be sympathetic with the father's plea. Actually everybody is sympathetic with the father's plea except Israeli officials.
And if there is cruelty in the message it is in the refusal of Israel to end Shalit's imprisonment and the imprisonment of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians. The message of the video is that the matter is in the hands of the state of Israel.

I know that angry Arab criticised the video in that it makes Shalit's father sympathetic, but I have no problem with that. That's a universal truth, parents suffer when they miss their children no matter what these children did. And Angry Arab's take on some issues is sometimes very shortsighted and unempathetic...

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