''Those Who Are Conspiring Against Lebanon And The Resistance Will Fail''

From The Daily Star, Lebanon.

According to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, members of Hezbollah will be accused by the Hariri special tribunal, so says Saad Hariri who conveyed the news to Nasrallah. This is the latest attempt by this tribunal to play dirty political games in Lebanon to the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia against Hezbollah. March 14 are trying to achieve in Lebanon what Israel failed to achieve in 2006, kill Hezbollah and the resistance. But they lost their credibility long ago. However, what they will succeed in achieving is agitating sectarian tensions...

Nasrallah said he had information that such an indictment had been decided upon before 2008, but its announcement was being postponed to await more suitable political circumstances.

He expressed surprise that the decision to indict had been made even before the STL had summoned some Hizbullah members for questioning in April.
“Our indicators are that the indictment will be announced in September or October, given what is being prepared in Palestine and the region,” he said.

He said the charges targeted the resistance, after the failure of previous attempts to achieve the same goal. Lebanon will be pushed into a sensitive period given that the indictment will be issued soon, added Nasrallah.

...But Nasrallah rejected the indictment, stressing that his party was not afraid at all.
“Let them issue the indictment, those who are conspiring against Lebanon and the resistance, and whose projects have failed are the worried parties because their projects will fail again,” Nasrallah said.
...Tackling the STL’s expected move to absolve Syria of the crime, Nasrallah called upon March 14 officials who had accused Syria of the assassination to reconsider their positions and to engage in a “real” self-critique, “because the results of their decisions had consequences on all the Lebanese.”
He touched on the stances of March 14 coalition following the killing of Hariri, saying they had instigated sectarian tensions in Lebanon.

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