Shut down this tribunal

The latest two developments in the STL, who is assumed to be on the eve of indicting members of Hezbollah in the assassination of Rafik Hariri, add more to the discredit and the numerous political valses that marked the history of this tribunal for the last 4 years.

- Lebanese cabinet asks its minister of justice to investigate false witnesses to the tribunal...And this on the eve of the indictment...

- The elements of crime are fueling Academic publications when they seem to be ignored by the tribunal's investigators who, from the beginning, preferred to rely on witnesses...

Add to this the fact that Mr. Bellemare, the chief prosecutor, claims his ignorance of the geopolitical context of the country as an asset for the tribunal independence, and one can wonder what kind of truth will emerge from this tribunal?

The assassination of 150000 Lebanese and the disappearance of another 20000 will never have its own tribunal. This truth will never be told, and the victims are already forgotten. So I wonder what's with this country's sudden love for truth and justice?

What Lebanon needs is not a tribunal for the assassination of its ex prime minister. Lebanon needs truth and reconciliation for all Lebanese, and this should be done by Lebanese because no reconciliation is possible when justice or its semblance is delivered from the outside...

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