Farewell to peace in the Middle East

A decade of US sponsored Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are leaked today by Al-Jazeera and The Guardian. The documents will be published over the next few days.

The minutes were recorded by the Palestinian based, UK sponsored, Negotiations Support Unit (NSU).

They show:

- On the Palestinian side: despair, humiliation, and endless concessions.
- On the Israeli side: extreme intransigence, contempt for Palestinians, and unwillingness to achieve peace.
- On the US side: total lack of neutrality always siding with Israel, absence of a genuine will to achieve peace, and contempt for Palestinians to the point of crude cruelty.

The peace process has long been dead and successive US and Israeli administrations were playing a sadistic game with Palestinians and their aspirations for peace and statehood while trying to convince us that they were working for peace.

The full Palestine papers page at The Guardian website.

The Palestine papers page on Al-Jazeera website.

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