The tribunal of discord

The killers of Lebanon, its economy and its population, before, during and after the civil war, were never brought to justice. They were freed and pardoned and elected to parliament in the name of national concord and unity.

From the beginning, the STL was a political instrument and an instrument of discord, because it accepted 'doing justice' to one man, while forgetting the many victims of those who are claiming justice for this man.

If Saad Hariri wants unity and peace for Lebanon, so he must shut disavow the tribunal. If the international community wants justice for Lebanon, so it must bring total justice, not partial and misguided justice.

Lebanon's 'unity' government falls.

Shut down this tribunal!


Anonymous said...

How about bringing justice to our losses because of the french mandate and the ottoman colonial rule too?? Your point is just irrational, bringing justice once to the assasination of the latest president is an exclusive act which aims at bringing justice for one recent event.

I really hope it sheds the light on what's going on

Anonymous said...

you are a true apologist for Hizbollah.

are you capable of denouncing suicide bombing?

Anonymous said...

what about the United Nations finding that Hariri's death was ordered by Iran's supreme leader?

Are you saying that Israel controls the United Nations?

Since March 29th 2006