The Arab Spring Is Being Hijacked

I know that this title seems to be in contradiction with the other below but even if I believe that in the long term the Arab spring will endure, because the West and USrael have shown their hypocrisy to the Arab public more then ever (they are not even trying to hide it), they are trying to hijack the Arab spring and they seem to be succeeding in the short run.

The secretary of the Arab league, Amr Moussa, who voted for the no-fly zone over Lybia to 'protect civilians', has not called for such a no-fly Zone over Bahrain where peaceful protesters are being killed by the Bahraïni ruling family's and Saudi armies. Also, this fellow, who seems to be preparing for the presidential candidacy of Egypt, wants to have it both ways. He criticized the allied bombings of Lybia after having approved it.

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