Saudi Arabia and the counter revolution in the middle east: Part 1

I am no longer optimistic about what is happening in the Arab world. Saudi Arabia, who corrupted most Arab regimes, gave us Bin Laden and Sept. 11th, is leading the counter revolution in the Arab world through a rapprochement with the UAE.

In Bahrain, Lybia, and Yemen, the voices of democratic change have been and are being silenced. And in Syria, where a regime change and more democracy is necessary, things are turning very nasty, thanks to Qatar based sunni Imam Al-Qaradawi. If Saudi Arabia perseveres along this line, with the ascent of the US and the west, it will be the end of democratic change in the Arab world and the lebanonisation of the whole region.

Opposition forces and democratic forces in the Arab world need to be aware of the dangers ahead. The biggest of them being the resistance of Saudi Arabia to change and the willingness of the kingdom to adopt a Samson strategy in the face of change threatening their own rule...

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