The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: Now and Then

Is this what Lebanese want?

Their kind of Islam has just executed an activist in Gaza who was helping Gaza fishermen since 2008.

And they have many more crimes on their conscience.


Then_1: The Muslim Brotherhood according to Saad Hariri

Then_2 (please see video below on Memri TV, a zionist outlet).  Since I posted yesterday,  the video embedded code hasn't been working well, but you can still click on the link to the page just above.

The Muslim brotherhood were always agents of the kings of Arabia, allies of western powers and oppressors of Arabs. Their interests lie, not in the liberation and freedom of the people, but in subduing individual consciences to their brand of Islam, violent, intolerant, and racist.
Since the dawn of modern postcolonial history in the Arab world, the kings of Arabia were agents of colonial powers, foiling many attempts for progress and change across all Arab countries.

Faisal-Weizmann agreement

The Hussein-McMahon correspondance

See also: Al Qaida roots itself in Lebanon.

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