Iran draws the line with Turkey on Syria

Behind Iran's new Syria move is a calculated gamble that contrary to some Western perceptions, the Assad regime is not completely isolated and still enjoys a considerable mass following. This is reflected in huge pro-government rallies consistently ignored by the Western media, and that with sufficient internal and regional support, Damascus could survive and ride out the current storm. 

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Syrian Commando said...

Tepid as always with their analysis. You know, asia times always try to stay on the borderline (and quite often posts a lot of garbage) but you can see they've tipped themselves in the favour of stability in Syria.

Turkey made a bad bet and gross miscalculation.

I still have good information they intend to eventually start problems in Qamishli, which is the last remaining border town without any issues. The suicidal maniacs think they can make it all the way to Deir Ez Zour unopposed...

Sophia said...


What is important is the bio of the author, not really the website. Have a look at his bio and you will see that he is talking from an informed perspective.

Anonymous said...

Sophia - how are you on Kurdish independence?

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