Norway Terror Accused Breivik Loves Israel

Instead of trying to exterminate Europe's Jews, Breivik suggests Hitler ought to have enforced Zionism: "He could have easily worked out an agreement with the UK and France to liberate the ancient Jewish Christian lands with the purpose of giving the Jews back their ancestral lands," Breivik writes. "The UK and France would perhaps even contribute to such a campaign in an effort to support European reconciliation. The deportation of the Jews from Germany wouldn't be popular but eventually, the Jewish people would regard Hitler as a hero because he returned the Holy land to them."

Read More about Norway terror accused and Israel.

Also, Israelis debate on the web: did Norway get what it deserved?


Anonymous said...

As you know Hitler was allies with the Palestinian mufti.

The real story is today Assad RANDOMLY killed 95 peoplein Hama. His machine guns are randomly killing innocent people without a trial.

This is the tragedy, but you are somehow trying to link Israel to the Norway tragedy. When will you speak out against these random murders by Syrian government? Where is your moral compass?

Syrian Commando said...

This zionist pest really is persistent isn't he?

Read his "manifesto", he absolutely LOVES Israel and many zionists were celebrating this massacre.

Anonymous said...

Commando - just another day of Assad killing (95 in Hama) - not even worth mentioning right?

Yes- now you will figure out how Zionists brainwashed the Norwegian shooter.

As for celebrating, you are confused. Gaza City celebrated when 9/11 happened.

Syrian Commando said...

Yadda yadda yadda, empty slogans from the resident zionist. Your favourite American Glenn Beck called these poor kids "Hitler youth".

Anyway, I urge people too look at his family history and memberships to the masonic lodge in his city.

Syrian Commando said...

Right from the horse's mouth:


I don't have to try to make you zionists look bad. You are bad.

Anonymous said...

You should change your name to "Norwegian Commando", since you are more concerned by Norwegian deaths than Syrian deaths.

Commando, I hope your family is safe in Syria. Syria evicted its entire Jewish population a long time ago (and confiscated their property and land), so the Syrian uprising cannot be blamed on Jews.

You can scroll this blog and see Sophia has Zero sympathy for the innocents that ASSAD is killing. On the day Assad killed 95 innocents, she falsely linked Jews to a Christian killing of Norwegians. It's called a "Blood libel" when you accuse Jews of killings they did not do.

Syrian Commando said...

>Syria evicted its entire Jewish population a long time ago (and confiscated their property and land), so the Syrian uprising cannot be blamed on Jews.

UMMMM this is a complete lie, by the way some of my relatives are Jews.

Why don't you shut up zionist? Go worry about the 2 palos you just killed.

Anonymous said...

from the Zionist rag the New York Times:

Obada Arwany, an activist reached by telephone, said that tanks had entered two neighborhoods [in Syria], Al Qousour and Al Hamidiya, and shelled residential buildings there. One man died in his sleep when his house was shelled and another was killed by a sniper’s bullet as he was getting in his car.

Anonymous said...

more Syrian deaths today. The hypocrisy of Arab nations is astounding. They are all silent as Assad kills 95 people in one day and starts again the next. Where is the moral outrage from Arab leaders?


Anonymous said...

150 casualties in Syria in 2 days. Commando, where are you with snide comments?

Gert said...

What is far more important than Anders D*ckhead Breivik’s love for Israel is that in Europe it’s now almost impossible to find a Far Right ‘freedom/anti-immigration/anti-multiculturalism/Islamophobic’ proto-Fascist political party or group that doesn’t support Israel. The antisemites of yesteryear are the Breiviks of today (albeit without the massacring component).

Israel should be so pleased with itself regarding such adulation but we know from past alliances (South Africa and the Shah’s Iran, most notably) that the Zionist Thingy isn’t picky about who it befriends or where support is coming from. See also the accommodation of a few goose-stepping, Hitler saluting Russian Neonazi Holocaust deniers very recently…

Anonymous said...

speaking of the Holocaust, I always wondered how people could be silent as innocents were being killed.

But on the site, there has not been a single expression of concern for the 150 innocent people murdered in Hama, Syria in the last week.


Sophia said...

"The antisemites of yesteryear are the Breiviks of today (albeit without the massacring component)" How true. I read somwhere that a Jewish colleague to Balfour told him on the day after the Balfour declaration that he was not pleased that UK was going to send Jews to Israel, he felt like many European Jews that they were given a homeland because Europeans didn't want them in Europe.

Sophia said...


I deplore the deaths in Hama and I declare that they are not the result only of the Syrian army violence. Syrian Muslim brothers are calling for jihad against their country with the help of their newly found friends Israel and the US.

Meanwhile: Israel is still occupying and killing Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese while refusing to comply with UN resolutions. J'accuse.

Gert said...


There's more to it than that. As I’m sure you’re aware, the overwhelming majority of Jews worldwide were not in favour of creating Israel, up to the Holocaust, which was the great game changer. There is ample evidence for this but Geoffrey Alderman (British Jewish historian, arch Zionist and contributor to ‘CiFWatch’) had no problem recently stating this again, on Press TV. It’s not a secret.

As regards Anon and his ilk: the constant ‘yes, but look at x, y and z!’ has to be seen as an admission. Things are bad in Gaza, ‘but look at Darfur!’, Israel occupies and colonises Palestinian lands, ‘but look at the Syrian regime!’. It’s a kind of ‘we’re bad but they’re worse!’ attitude. ‘Everything s*cks!’

Anonymous said...

Sophia - I knew you would blame the deaths in Hama on US and Israel. Although Assad's troops are killing innocents, you always find a way to blame Israel!

Anonymous said...

Sophia - are Syrian lives less valuable than Palestinian lives?

Assad has killed over 150 people in the last week. It's over 2,000 Syrian deaths in the last 5 years. This is more than have died in Gaza in last 10 years.

Why are Arab leaders so quiet? Did Israel force them to be quiet?

We cannot vilify Israel for killing terrorists when Syria is killing 2000 innocents.

Anonymous said...

A Palestinian commission of inquiry has concluded that ousted Fatah Central Committee member Mohammed Dahlan was involved in the “poisoning” of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. The commission’s report was published on Sunday by a number of Arab news web sites, including Al-Jazeera.

Sophia - do you see how significant this is? The Arab world has traditionally blamed Israel for everything. It seems that the Arab Spring has led Arabs to look inward and directing responsibility elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey it only took 2,000 innocents to be killed, but finally 3 Arab countries withdrew ambassadors to Syria.

Of course Sophia still thinks Syria uprising is due to a unique partnership between Israel and Muslim Brotherhood.

And Syrian Commando has been strangely silent. Are you still alive brother?

Since March 29th 2006