Is the US Cowed by Saudi Arabia because of Oil?

The role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 has never been investigated and that's not because the lack of evidence.  This evidence won't go away and is reemerging at the occasion of the10th anniversary of 9/11.

Saudi Arabia: Friend or Foe?

The Kingdom and the Towers


Anonymous said...

Sophia - did the Mossad brainwash the Saudis to organize 9/11?

Sophia said...

Israeli anonymous,

Israel and the Mossad knew about 9/11. I wouldn't be surprised if what you wrote did actually happen. The two countries are similar, the are theocracies, intolerant to other religion and foment trouble in the ME in order to secure the survival of their intolerant regimes. Oh, and they both brag about having influence on US politicians...

Anonymous said...

Sophia - Why do you think I am Israeli? I am not, it's one of a few mistakes in your post.

I was laughing at your ability to blame Israel for all the problems in the Arab world. Israel is the most democratic country in the Middle East. Israel does not deny women basic rights, like entire Arab world.

Israel is not at all like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship like Syria, Iran, Egypt and Jordan.

Sophia said...

Israel fakes democracy. How can it be a democratic state when it practices discrimination?

As for women's rights go and discuss this with your ultraorthodox jews who form the majority of the settlers. Israel has a high rate of domestic abuse of women and lately it was asked that different compartments for men and women be devised in your new light occupation rail in jerusalem.

Israel a democracy? BS...


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