Syrian Protesters In Homs (UPDATED): The Government killed And Mutilated Three Of His Own In Order To Incite Sectarian Strife!

This kind of crazy propaganda from Syrian protesters reporting to western news outlets has been going on for long now. Giving credence to such statements is like giving credence to the saying that the US government was behind 9/11 in order to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. And giving credence to these statements from the Syrian revolution 2011 is like giving credence to the Syrian regime explaining that the bloodshed in Syria is done exclusively by protesters who want to accuse the regime of the bloodshed! So either we believe all three possibilities or we reject them alltogether! Any other alternative is like picking and choosing what we want to believe in without further evidence.

On Sunday, residents of Homs, Syria’s second-largest city, discovered the bodies of three Alawites mutilated and dumped in a deserted area, according to Omar Idlibi of the Local Coordination Committees, a group that helps organize and document protests. All three were armed government loyalists, he said.
News of the deaths enraged other Alawites, who went on a rampage, according to residents and activists. Three people were killed, including a mother of three, and scores of shops owned by Sunnis were burned and vandalized, Mr. Idlibi said.
“The reaction was so violent and quick that we suspect the regime had a hand in the killings,” Mr. Idlibi said.

For how long will they be lying about the blood on their hands? And for how long western media are going to give credence to these lies by publishing them?


A letter on the sectarianism of the protesters

It seems that the main feature of the Syrian revolution 2011 is the alliance between western (US) funded Syrian exiles and salafis, the former using the latter as proxies in their attemtp to topple the Assad regime, but ultimately salafis also will use exiles. Here is a facebook page for the Homs revolution: on the upper right band they have a sourate in Arabic, it says: 'Paradise exists in the shadow of the sword' (attention, islamist facebook pages of the Syrian revolution in english or other non arabic languages do not show material that can offend western readers).


Jad said...

Dear Sophia,
I hope that everything is good from your side.

Seriously, who believe these news to even report it as facts?

It's getting ugly in Homs, clashes between armed gangs and the security and Army, yet people still denying the existence of any armed element.

Sophia said...

Dear Jad,

I am fine, thanks for asking.

It is published in the New York Times! My impression is that the Syrian revolution 2011 has already lost the battle of hearts and minds in Syria but not in western press outlets!

I am just wondering how long will this drag on...The lies, the sectarian incitment, the denial of the western world (I am reading that they will be mking up soon with the MB and the Taliban because Hezbollah is the new devil!)

Anonymous said...

I only wish you were so diligent about pointing out numerous fraudulent claims of Palestinian refugees.

Sophia said...


Fraudulent claims of Palestinian refugees? Of Israeli settlers you mean...

Anonymous said...

Assad's new trick is to kill people at funerals.


At Funerals for Protesters, More Syrians Are Fatally Shot

Jad said...

OMG, You have to read this:

Now they are saying that Rami Abdularhman the human right guy is a MOUKHABARAT and they are asking all news outlet not to talk to him (the real reason for that because he state that in Homs there are armed militia)

4- يهيب إتحاد أحياء مدينة حمص بجميع الوسائل الإعلانية والقنوات الفضائية للتحذير من الإنجرارخلف تصريحات
المدعو رامي عبد الرحمن واسمه الحقيقي ( اسامة سليمان وهو من أحد عناصر الأمن ) مؤكدين تستره تحت غطاء حقوقي
ويحمل جواز سفر مزور بهذا الإسم مؤكدين عمالته لأجهزة المخابرات السورية ومكتب المدعو ماهر الأسد
وقد دأب منذ بداية الثورة على تزييف الحقائق وتشويههاSee More
By: إتحاد أحياء مدينة حمص – الثورة السورية 2011

You may also want to read this article:

Sophia said...


Thanks for the links. They can say whatever they want the western press will still listen to them. However, they are loosing legitimacy by the day in Syria.

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