Greece and Lebanon: youthful discontent

I read this article on the crisis in Greece this morning and when I told my husband that what is going on there reminds me of Lebanon he told me that the same analogy came to his mind.

A country that doesn't offer its youth a future is doomed.

If the wish list is slightly vague, the problem itself is amorphous and difficult to name: a crisis of values and institutions, society and economy, vision and leadership...Many of its most talented sons and daughters have chosen to work abroad rather than deal with Greece's disorganisation and bureaucracy. The social fabric has worn paper-thin. Few politicians have risen to these challenges; most have relied on the old system of trading votes for favours, or on periodic appeals to nationalism and xenophobia.


Wolfie said...

Those articles are nothing but lies Sophia, I'm sorry but you have been deceived. We have to look elsewhere for the truth in this.

There are some similarities with the Lebanon however, but in a more sinister vein.

Sophia said...


I would like to have your opinion on this. We were in Greece in 2007 and we have some Greek friends here. Greece has a problem with its youth. What are the origins of this social unrest. At least in France, things were more clear.

When you think of all this, it is happening at the heart of the European continent. The years after the fall of the Berlin Wall have been worrying in Europe, and things do not seem like they are going to calm.

Wolfie said...

I lived in mainland Greece for a while back in the '80s and was dating a girl who ran the local communist party (KKE) so I'm a little familiar with the politics there. Its clear that journalists are keen to pin every event on the "downturn" where simple logic demonstrates that these riots are far from spontaneous. It is no accident that the first country to fall prey is the historical oriental buffer and I suspect Spain will be next.

I've been itching to write a lengthy piece on events but work commitments and imminent holiday prevent me. I'll be banned from touching a computer and dare I force the issue now I could be looking at a divorce.

Sophia said...


It seems that your choice of girlfriends has a meditterranean flavour to it. I understand that your wife is from a Spanish descent.

''these riots are far from spontaneous'', That's at least one truth about these riots...

I wish you a merry Christmas and a good year. I am looking forward for 2009. 2008 was a horrible year for me at different levels...

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