Good news and bad news: the zionist entity is getting nervous

First: the good news---link found on Angry Arab's website---

The bad news, for us Arabs and for the Palestinians, is that every time the zionist entity is nervous because it is loosing in the PR war or because it is pressured into some action by the US and the international community, like the recent calls to stop illegal settlements, it tries to divert public opinion to another unrest in the middle east and the Islamic world and show that there are more urgent matters for the international community to attend to and more vilains elsewhere. In this case, Iran's unrest, as some Iranian clerics are claiming, may well be more than a coincidence.
Watch for example here French socialite, self appointed 'intellectual' and philosopher', and notorious zionist Bernard Henri Lévy, calling young Iranians to overthrow the regime (this man is a real intellectual crap if you want my opinion).

I think Iranians, after all they went through, some at the hands of their clerics, and some at the hands of US puppet Saddam, deserve to own a revolution, preferably not of the sort of the one that is going on in their streets now.

Now I don't like Ahmadi-Nejad, I don't like Mousavi either, and there is a real discontent among the Iranian people to feed some unrest, but looking at how events are unfolding in Iran and how western powers and their media are fanning the flames, and how the zionists are cheering, I am still sure of one thing: as long as there is no justice for Palestinians and no real peace in the middle east, we will always have this kind of unrest across the Arab and Muslim world which Israel considers as its first threat not because of their leaders, most of them carefully nursed by USrael, but because of their public opinions strongly opposed to the occupation of Palestine.

As for the elections in Lebanon, I am pleased: I would have liked Hezbollah and Aoun to win big but Lebanon's reality is this: across its tormented history, and except on one or two short occasions, it was never able to reach an equilibrium between political parties representing western allegiance like March 14th and parties that are against this allegiance like Hezbollah and Aoun, and this has been made even a more hard goal to reach in the context of today's mideast tensions - actually Aoun's and Hezbollah's political platform may help Lebanon reach this equilibrium by insisting on a secular governance and dissociation from foreign allegiance, but this is another story. And so I am pleased by the last Lebanese elections' results, the country and western and Saudi interference being what they are, a big win by Hezbollah may have brought more misery upon the country and its citizens. However, a win for Hezbollah and its Christian allies that position them as a strong opposition is a good enough win despite the fact that it represents a status quo for the country . But this political status quo is an imposed one because as I mentioned earlier, there is no real peace and prosperity in the middle east as long as Israel continues the ever expanding illegal occupation of Palestine.
Not only Palestinians, but the entire middle east is waiting for peace. It is frustrating but it has been going on for sixty years now and it will be going on as long as the US and the international community are unable to coerce the zionist entity into making peace with Palestine and Arab and Muslim countries.

1. And as the clamour of Iran's unrest is becoming regular coverage in western news outlets, nobody is noticing that Israel is defying the US with a new settlement plan.

2. Here is additional reporting from Reuters putting the unrest in Iran into a larger mideast context.

3. More from inside Iran on how western coverage is perceived:
If the government cheers, the media cheer, if the government condemns, the media condemns...

4. An informed comment from Juan Cole on the US and Obama's attitude toward the ongoing protests in Iran.

P.S: I was on vacation in a place where internet is a rare commodity. Sorry for this long absence.


Emmanuel said...

In other words, Israel is responsible for all the Middle East's problems, and all internal Arab and/or Muslim problems will have to wait until there is peace.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama placed too much emphasis on the settlements, and not enough on the other obstacles to co-existence of Palestinian Jews and Arabs, like hate education and holocaust denial.

Jimmy Carter, the USA godfather of Palestinian rights, recently said he expected the largest settlement blocks would stay part of Israel in the event of a Palestinian Arab state.

You yourself have written in the past that a future Palestinian state would not need to be Jew-free. If Jews could remain, then why can they not build new homes on a settlement?

Gert said...


Israel have for years now been trying to keep the headlights on Iran and away from Palestine (previously the lightning rod was Iraq - tomorrow it'll be something else).

This latest crisis suits Zionists down to the ground. And you still have jerks like Dershowitz calling for intervention in Iran (i.e. taking out the 'nukes').

Israel remains an intensely destabilising factor in the ME, not a 'Light unto the Nations' at all. Without severe external pressure Israel is a train crash in slow motion, 'And the band played on' sort of thing. Your more radical brethren are now intent on trying to ruining any last chance there may be to salvage anything for the Palestinians, and by extension for Israel.

Meanwhile, anonymous flyweights like the one above have the solution: educate the stooopid Arabs, Holocaust deniers the lot of them. How about you all get an education on the Naqba(s), huh? How about France and Austria make Naqba denial an imprisonable offence and throw some of these 'From Time Immemorial' types' sorry asses in jail?

Sophia said...

Thanks Gert.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gert
do you think a future Palestinian state should be Jew free? do you contemplate even a 4 to 5% land swap as was contemplated in 2000 Camp David Peace plans?

we are VERY educated about the Naqba and we do not deny it like Arab world denies Holocaust. We know that leaders of Jordan and Syria killed more Palestinians than Israel ever did.

Sophia can criticize BHL but did he not embezzle billions like Arafat or shoot innocent protestors like Iran's mullahs. Israel is still the least violent country in the Middle East.

Gert said...


You're clearly not worth it but here goes:

"do you think a future Palestinian state should be Jew free? do you contemplate even a 4 to 5% land swap as was contemplated in 2000 Camp David Peace plans?"

If you don't want any part of Palestine to be Jew-free, accept the One State solution: one man - one vote. Simple, really...

"we are VERY educated about the Naqba and we do not deny it like Arab world denies Holocaust. We know that leaders of Jordan and Syria killed more Palestinians than Israel ever did."

Ah, the smell of Zionism: forever busy diminishing, dodging responsibility, creating equivalences etc etc.

"Sophia can criticize BHL but did he not embezzle billions like Arafat or shoot innocent protestors like Iran's mullahs. Israel is still the least violent country in the Middle East."

Arafat never embezzled billions because the PLO never owned or was given billions. Corruption is not an Arab or Jewish prerogative: see also the recent convictions (former minister of finance), Olmert's problems and Lieberman's upcoming indictment. You're a racist.

Israel, not a violent country? Tell it to the Lebanese, for starters...

Hoochimama Loosha said...

Sophia, today in Iran 70 academics were arrested after meeting with the main opposition leader, Mir Hussein Moussavi, on Wednesday.

Can any one offer more analysis than "The Zionists are happy that Iranians are arresting and killing innocent people"?

What does this all really mean, besides blaming it on Zionists?

Anonymous said...

Gerd: Arab countries do not need Naqba denial laws to arrest Jews. They have a long history of imprisoning innocent Jews on charges of espionage (actual crime: sending an email to Israel).

Emmanuel said...

Sure, the Israeli government would like nothing more than to see the Islamic regime fall or to keep the focus on Iran rather than on settlements. That doesn't mean it's behind the demonstrations.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a serious problem for the whole Middle East. No doubt about it. All I'm saying is that it isn't the only problem, nor the root of all other problems and that there is no reason for Arab countries to delay dealing with their own internal issues until the I-P conflict is solved. For instance, what does the conflict have to do with the abuse of women in Saudi Arabia or discrimination against Copts in Egypt?

This isn't about distracting the world from the I-P conflict (even if Netanyahu would like it to be). It's about dealing with multiple problems at once.

Gert said...


"That doesn't mean it's behind the demonstrations."

It is not, agreed.

And yet what is the cause of all this Euro-US focus on Iran? That is Iran's status as a 'rogue' state that is openly hostile to Israel and openly supportive of the Palestinian cause. Here the US, hardly a 'moderate' state, waves its magical scepter of hegemony and decides who is a 'moderate' and who is an 'extremist' on the basis of who really supports the only true 'rogue state' in the region, the pariah who, despite having ample possibility to redeem itself, stubbornly refuses to do so.

Despite Obama's laudable attempts at staying out of the fray (for once!), after having recognised the US's role in 1953, already there are clarion calls from the usual suspects like Joe 'I heart Avigdor' Lieberman, John 'I can't really hide my true colours' McCain and that intellectual dwarf Graham Lindsey for calling the regime illegitimate (one fine day the UN is going to vote for regime change in Washington). Funny that: the Iranian regime has a propensity for blaming its problems on the West and who do they have coming to the rescue? Said trio. As Tony Karon put it: 'this people never learns, does it?'

Anonymous said...

Ah, the smell of anti-semitism masquerading as anti-zionism. Instead of responding to my points you talk about creating equivalence and distracting.

Elizabeth said...

In a way I see the elections in Lebanon as demonstrating more democracy than we have here in the US. Here in the US we have only two parties and the Republicans have no interest in working with the Democrats. The Democrats are so wishy-washy they may end up doing as much harm as good now that they're back in power.

I think Obama has put himself in an interesting position in challenging the Israelis on the settlements because what now is he going to do about it? Is he suddenly going to become a man and take a real stand? Or will he back off and lose all credibility?

Sophia said...


Indeed, Obama is in an interesting but difficult position. Israel will do whatever it can to make him forget this. They will gove him enough headache about Iran that he will forget Palestine.

Anonymous said...

you were right, the Iranian government is blaming all the protests on the USA and England. Today the Iranian ambassador said the CIA killed the innocent girl Neda.

When I hear such ridiculous accusations it makes me disbelieve everything the Iranian government says. Why do they blame all the bad stuff on the US?

Emmanuel said...

Gert, Israel isn't the center of the universe. The US and Europe have plenty of reasons to see Iran as a rogue state, and its opposition to Israel isn't high on the list. Americans care much more about the Ayatoallahs calling the United States Big Satan than about them calling Israel Little Satan. That's just one example.

Anonymous said...

Talk about deflecting responsibility and reality, your headline says it all. This week it was the Iranian regime got nervous. And stop blaming Jews for Iran's problems.

Sophia said...


''Why do they blame all the bad stuff on the US?''

To your knowledge, the overthrow of the Shah was primarily in the hands of Iranian who were secular and leftists and the US fearing communists installed the Ayatollahs, then it tried to get rid of the Ayatollahs by financing and initiating the bloody Iraq-Iran war. And when The overthrow of saddam reinforced the Ayatollahs, the Us is now trying to change regime in Iran.
''Why do they blame all the bad stuff on the US?''
Because it is true that the bad stuff is the making of US policies in the ME.

Anonymous said...

thanks for replying, but I am talking about how the Iranian regime blames the CIA for the shooting death of Neda. The regime sent in the police with guns, not the CIA. The CIA cannot get 3 million Iranians to protest.

Gert said...


"The US and Europe have plenty of reasons to see Iran as a rogue state, and its opposition to Israel isn't high on the list."

You're real funny sometimes, you know that?

Take Europe. What reasons does it have to consider Iran a rogue state? That it's not a Liberal Democracy? Europe does business with whoever it pleases, regardless of the kind of regime is in place. Hell, it does business with the US! A long list of support for tyrannical regimes in Latin America, black ops, illegal wars and invasions, torture, rendition, blackmail, the list is endless... The fact that American "patriots" swallow it all hook, line and sinker doesn't make it kosher...

It moans about Zimbabwe yet does nothing about it. No oil and no Israel, go figure...

Do you think Europe has anything to fear from an Iranian bomb?

And so it is all about containment: so was 1953 (and other meddling before that), Western support for Saddam during the Iraq-Iran War and now the West's attempts at containment of the only ME state that actively opposes Israel. To justify this we'd have to believe that Hezbollah and Hamas are somehow capable of destroying Israel: they clearly are not and their real function is much more ambiguous than that.

Same with Lebanon: mini Hariri gets a nice little goody bag of weapons (nothing too sophisticated, mind) since 'he's done well' in the elections (not really, but anyway - Lebanon isn't one man, one vote). Notice how they're now trying to shift the blame of Rafik Hariri's murder from Syria to Hezbollah? Rapprochement with Syria on the horizon, you see?

It's true that Iran is now trying to blame all its internal problems on the West and rather tellingly more on Britain than anyone else. But considering the West's long history of interference that was to be expected...

Funny also how we're all supposed to cheer Obama on but we can't forget that 40 years of US support for Israel and tolerance of settlement building has led to I-P having become a Gordian knot we may never be able to untie...

Anonymous said...

the Gordian knot is not the settlements. Israel has withdrawn from Sinai, Gaza, Lebanon, etc. Hamas continues to attack after these withdrawls. The knot is the Arab world's rejects a Jewish state in the Middle East, even though there are many islamic states in the M.E.

Hamas and Hizbollah are more than capable of wreaking great havoc on Israel.

Gert said...


Hamas has indictated for rather a long time now that it is willing to accept a Palestinian State along 1967 borders with J'sem as a shared capital, in return for a long time truce (Hudna). Israel continues to build on land that should be reserved for such a state, in blatant contravention of International law and in the face of condemnation.

Arab states have come up with more peace plans than I care to remember, Israel only wants to tentatively talk about a 'freeze'.

Do keep blaming everything on 'Bad A-rabs'. You're a blatant racist and I've wasted enough time on you. Bye.

Naj said...

No on in Iran really gives a DAMN SHIT about what Henri Levi or Hizbollah or others think!

Actually, Iranians think it is the Lebanese who are hired to beat up the Iranians on streets! They want to get rid of both influences at the same time, the Arab one and the Israeli one!

And we will push on! And the world can say whatever the world wants!!!

Since March 29th 2006